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Thoughts on 2012 - It was a low point for me at the beginning of the year. I felt really unsatisfied with my work and did tons of studies and exercises in an attempt to try and better my fundamentals. It seems it all paid off by the end! The mid-point of the year just after DragonCon signals an EXPLOSION of improvement!

I honestly think it boils down to gaining some confidence back and selling off a lot of old work so I don't cling to it any more. The most memorable advice I got during portfolio reviews this year was "Your work is good, but you need MORE NEW WORK!"

Next Year - I plan to revamp my portfolio, bring more narrative pieces into it, and continue to push myself! I am desperate to do more character art for my novel after all the inspiration from this year's NaNoWriMo (my first ever try at it this event). I am READY to take on 2013!

The blank meme is here if you'd like to try it - [link]

Jan - The Dragon Prince

A birthday present for a good friend, as well as my first foray into a new digital technique laying in shadows first. Learned a lot in this one piece! It's my 2nd piece finished with the Cintiq as well.

Feb - Yin and Yang

Still trying to make my digital look like painterly traditional instead of plastic lifeless crap.

Mar -Persephone Queen of the Underworld

Learning more and more with digital! She's sort of a failure of composition, but a definite improvement in my understanding of shading and lighting.

Apr - Io's Contemplation

Joined the card swap group, #ACEOFantasyXchange, which proved a great excuse to return to my traditional techniques every once and awhile.

May - Belly Dancer Portrait

I took some time off from cranking out finished pieces to return to studies. I found a life drawing group here in town and did studies with the Pixelovely life drawing tool almost every night.

Jun - Classy Cabbage Fairy

MOAR studying! I started the Artist Ambition collaborative blog to challenge myself and others to do artist studies, like this one, where I took a random photo and turned it into an illustration.

July - ACEO Erundyl

Another card for the #ACEOFantasyXchange group and a pleasant break from digital.

Aug - The Lotus Dancer

Pushing and pushing digital! Lotus here is the first in a series of faux Magic the Gathering cards I intend to turn in for a portfolio. She taught me a new appreciation for painting backgrounds, controlling tonal value, and gathering reference.

:heart:Sep - Dreaming Butterfly

The time that follows DragonCon is always an amazing motivator for me! Being around all those creative folks spurred me to take on this piece, which is my favorite of the year, and probably the best thing I've done in a long while.

Oct - Concept Warmup - Melakim Fahre

My old original characters started scratching at me to be drawn again. This was the only character design stuff I did this year, much to my chagrin.

Nov - Dragon Song

A book sketch which was a fun diversion into my old love, pen and ink. Sometimes word prompts make for the best spontaneous works of art!

Dec - Lady of December

Inked and colored ENTIRELY in Photoshop! I learned quite a few tricks in this piece to achieve smoother inking, including how to use the Rotate View tool.
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Best of luck in the new year!