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Angel of January Line Art



11x17 in., color pencil on illustration board.

To be scrapped once the finished version comes along! Good grief, it's been far too long since I posted new 2D work! I've been busy with leathercraft over at my artisan account, these days.

This picture represents a milestone in so many ways. For one, I've taken a 'digital vow' starting with this piece, which means from this point onwards, I will be partially or completely using digital methods to color my work. Mainly because I have come to a personal realization that to do the things I want to do professionally, I cannot rely solely on traditional work. Time to expand my skillset and the best way for me to do that is face my fears!

I'll be trying out ~bluefooted's wonderful tutorials I read about in #ImagineFX's magazine to color this one with a digital Arthur Rackham sort of feel.

Next, this series is long in the coming, after several conceptual sketches and revisions that never quite hit the nail on the head.

This has also renewed my long-time obsession with Persephone and pomegranates. Full explanation of those connections to be explored on the description of the finished product! For now, enjoy this preliminary glimpse and read on at the sketch diary, if you'd like more details.
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Oh my goodness! its awesome! i was wondering, if i wrote your user name as a tag in the corner ( as im still not good at watermarks), if you'd allow me to do a coloured version for my mothers birthday