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I'd like to dedicate this image to my mother, a lovely inspiring soul who has been there for me at the best and worst of times. She is an avid lover of Turquoise, the December birthstone, and I channeled quite a lot of her giving and kindness through this.

She really adored the Seasonal Angels and therefore this series has taken on the flavor of that one with its art nouveau flair.

Turquoise is a stone of healing, purification, and communication. Just as white narcissus, holly, and poinsettia symbolize innocence, everlasting life, and hope. The crown on her head symbolizes Saint Lucia, who gave hope to the suffering during a time of darkness.

May the Angel of December light your darkest hours with bright blessings.

I was greatly inspired by the wonderful birthstones/monthly flower series by ~mistressofspam and *windfalcon. I also utilized *syccas-stock's gorgeous series, Ker's Candles. They are all muses beyond compare.

Watercolor, Color Pencil, Pen & Ink. 8.5x11 inches.
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<div align="center">See the complete Christmas Series here! :pointr: [link]
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Nice. I like the whole scene but the wings stand out to me the most. Well drawn.
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thank you! I was hoping to echo the birthstone of turquoise with them.
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Turquoise is beautiful:)... 
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Oh my goodness and you did this one too! STUNNING! 
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This is amazing!
BlueRavenfire's avatar
kohaku-dono's avatar
Your work is beautiful!
syccas-stock's avatar
Hi there,

I decided to feature a few pieces of my “personal fav” folder, that were created with my stock photos and this is one of them. Have a look at the other works if you like: [link]

Vampyre-Lover's avatar
I really like that, looking around for some inspiration, my mother passed away when i was young, and for years ive wanted an angel tattoo in commemoration (angels were one of her 'things';). I hope mine comes out even close to this good.
Natural20's avatar
Oooh my goodness, she's saint lucia!
Xenonia's avatar
so gorgeous. I'm impressed by your talent!:)
BowofAnariel's avatar
:love:It is beautiful and perfect.:love:Thank You for this. It is definitely a :+fav: .:D
AngelaSasser's avatar
aww thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it:)
Iyadaethras's avatar
This is so gorgeous. I love angels, and you draw them so well! I love the wings especially and the candles.
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks. I'm happy you enjoyed this:)
artisann's avatar
absolutely love it!!!
Malbi88's avatar
I like the gems on the wings
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks. They were much fun to paint:D
ElvenstarArt's avatar
Beautiful work! I love the detail and colors! :)
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