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AC-X of Swords-WIP4

<div align="center">It's finished!:D

Thought it might be fun to show WIPs of the X of Swords from the Assassin's Creed tarot deck project for #VisionaryAssassins as the phases are completed! (To be scrapped later)

Blagh, haven't done digital in so long! I am so slooow.

WIP 1: Feel free to critique for now! Here are some things I'm pondering:

* Should I add more gore/wounds to Ezio?
* Are his arms too skinny?
* Can I have a cheese sandwich?

WIP 2: Working on shading now. I fiddled with the lips, widened the biceps, and tweaked the hue of the skin to be in the blue range. Keeping the swords hidden while I work, though I'm still not quite confident in their placement right now.

Still lots of detailing to go! Curse Ezio's complicated costume :faint:

WIP 3: Started detailing metal bits and the shading of his clothing. Still avoiding the major problem areas. Saving those troublesome swords for last!

WIP 4: Added texture in the leather and sharpened the brushstrokes in the cloak layer with the Smart Sharpen filter, as it was getting too smudgy! Still tons more detailing to go, but it's coming along steadily.

<div align="center">The thumbnail and the sketch:
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I think the colours thus far are good... the reds and blues are all nicely cool, adding to the feel of mood. if I had one issue it's perhaps his skintones feeling a little too orangey - I'd expect to see more blue from the bounced light in them.

The shapes of the blades feel very... evenly spaced at the moment, I'd be curious to know if you could get more of a compositional variation by playing around with their placement (maybe having a couple crossing over near the bottom, vs clustered near the sides, etc. Think about where you want the viewer's attention to be... you've got 8 big pointy lines to play with, and they could be pointing at whatever you want the viewer to see most.

I think the gore level's good as is, the tears and scrapes on his elbows work nicely for me, though part of me wishes you'd maybe kept his face a little less gored up.. (maybe the hint of a black eye under those shadows vs all the streaming nose blood?) but that's personal preference more than anything.

His arms feel okay to me... maybe a little more definition round the muscles on the cloth, or maybe making the sleeves more poofty - they tend to crease heavily around the elbow joint like so : [link] or [link]

Don't forget to add a little bounced colour onto the metallic surfaces too, to distinguish them from the whites of his clothing, and you'll be onto a definite winner!
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Oh yes, I'm definitely planning to have fun with bounced light and color variation. I just have this backwards work method of laying down the flat colors and then tweaking them to match the atmosphere later. (I really need to just pick the right colors from the start, but I am such a control freak!)

I'm not at all happy with the gore on his lips either! I'm going to see how they might look without it and do a little surgery there. It's just not quite right. I like the idea of a subtle black eye as well, though it pains me to think Ezio would let himself get a shiner XD The rest of his wounds can be explained away right now as having fallen off a rooftop or skidded against a surface during a fall.

lol maybe he just walked into some stairs XD

I shall definitely keep this all in mind! Thanks for the handy suggestions, as always!
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My favorite parts are the color swatches.
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Thanks, I think! XD
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It is! I love seeing the progression rather than the final thing.
Sometimes I like the sketch more than the final product.
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His arms ARE a little skinny. They seem old manish. They need to be somewhere between this, and well built but not Steroids. Aside from that it looks really good. The one distracting part are the swords, and not in a good way. They lack the detail the rest of the picture has. Good work over all though!
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It's a WIP which is why the swords aren't done ;) I'm more concerned about the placement of them right now before I go into final detailing there. I'll keep that in mind about the arms, but they've been thickened once already and any more would be a little too much, imo. Thanks for taking the time to comment!
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It looks awesome. I'm playing spot the difference here, to see the differences in each one. =D I like the multiple versions.
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Cool! I figured it'd be fun to see how he's changed in each step.
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looking good so far!
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Soo... funny story... I added one of the model shots you had for this to a big feature on my stock account and I posted so many comments so fast that I can't post comments at all now... the system thinks I'm spamming!
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Eh? How odd O_o How fast is fast that it thought you were spam?
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umm.. bout 20 in like 50 seconds. I was just copy pasting the comment because I'm lazy
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Very nice. It's turning out very well:).
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Thanks! We'll see if all the intricate embroidery in his outfit kills my brain or not XD
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The quality of this piece blows my mind. Seriously. I'm astounded, I cannot wait to see the finished product.
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Me neither! So happy they gave us a deadline extension for the project XD Now I can pour even more detail int it! :D
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You go, muchacha! Power art, that's what I like to see.
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now that you mentioned it .. the arms do look alittle skinny... or the cloth isn't big enough or something is going on with the arms for sure... but great work so far!
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I think on this 2nd step I'm satisfied with how the arms look, but thanks!

Now, how about the placement of those extra swords? They're bothering me more. hrmmm...
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yeah i think i know what you mean... it could easily look abit off just being poked in there in a semi circle...

what if you put them abit more level.. torso/hip and then in a circle around him instead of infront of him ?
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hmm I'll have to fiddle and try that! Thanks for the suggestions:D
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or... maybe as a crown around his head? either in flat perspective as you have now infront of him or really around from front to back ?
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