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AC Tarot - X of Swords



:new: The original sketch for this painting is currently for sale on Etsy!

Prints Available! - I'll have a very limited number of prints of this image available at my artist alley table at Anime Weekend Atlanta.

(LEFTOVER PRINT SALE of this image at my journal!…

The card of perfect desolation. The darkest hour comes and we are left with nowhere else to go but forward.

Though he may be surrounded, bound, and defeated, a true Assassin will find the weakness in any length of rope, the chink in any suit of armor, and the thread of hope in any situation. It is also in defeat that he learns to accept and learn from his mistakes before he realizes his true potential.

My contribution to the Assassin's Creed tarot project ran by the #VisionaryAssassins Group. I'm sure I could tweak this until kingdom come, but I really need to work on other things!

So here is my finished card, for better or for worse! This was a real challenge considering my feeble skills with digital art. I don't feel half as confident with it as I do traditional media. Hoping to change that in the coming months!

<div align="center">See a progression of WIPS here:

Done in Photoshop CS2
Ezio Auditore da Firenze © Ubisoft
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