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A Crow's Recompense

By AngelaSasser
Available as Limited Edition signed and numbered prints. Note me for more info.

25 of 25 available.

There once was a girl who lived in a glass house and every day she looked out upon the world she had left behind. They were so cruel and hateful to her, ridiculing her awkwardness and fearful of her dark raven hair, but was isolation any better?

One day while she gazed upon her reflection in the lake by her home, she heard the cawing of a murder of crows, each one who spoke a word in sequence so that they became a single voice.

"Come with us and we will help you. Come with us and we can set you free from this place."

Unable to find the courage to leave by herself and fearful of those she had left behind, the girl agreed, for who could resist freedom amidst hopelessness and weakness?

At this, the crows' calling became louder and they each flew through the girl's heart, binding it to themselves. The girl felt such happiness at their flight and the newfound feeling of freedom on their wings that she wept with joy.

But every day, a crow would leave and by nightfall it returned with the crushed soul of a former friend. Every day, in return for offering her the freedom from ridicule, a life was destroyed and a little piece of her was consumed.

One piece, two pieces,
eight pieces, nine pieces,

In the end, she found freedom in the belly of a 1000 crows.

Just a little story inspired by a dream I had one day that led to this painting. This piece will be displayed in my senior show. Come on by if you're in the West Georgia area on the 29th!

I hope to get a better picture of this once I get the courage to put this under a scanner bed for 16 passes.

Acrylic, Puzzle Pieces. 30"x40."
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Jun 29, 2007, 4:27:52 PM
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Septs-Shadow's avatar
cool story, and love the colors in this, and the overall piece
AngelaSasser's avatar
Sometimes the sandman brings me some bizarre dreams. Glad they can translate into art at least! That particular color combination came out of using gold spraypaint on the canvas first then layering acrylic on top. The original work has a nice underlying metallic sheen to it.
Hira--Akami's avatar
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks! Mr. Sandman brings me some doozies sometimes.
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
BEAUTIFULLY DONE!!! Love the story behind it. Thanks for sharing it with us... Love the puzzle concept...
LaurenNatvigGray's avatar
Time and time again I keep coming back to this,...
I wish so bad I could find something to say that would express what I feel,...
but written language always gets the best of me...

Its beautiful to say the least...
truly, truly amazing...
watchyourselfdecay's avatar
I adore that one crow holding the puzzle piece in it's beak on her hand. I can see the emptiness now being filled in on her face.
doranobaka's avatar
Wow. This is so completely breathtaking. I'm at a total loss.
wynnter89's avatar
amazing painting !
Kroevyn's avatar
Both the story and painting are amazing. It's awesome that you can have dreams like this! I've woken up with random ideas and images, but nothing as detailed and thought-provoking as this :D

Anyways, back to the painting, it's a really intriguing image overall, and I immediately wanted to know the story behind it.

At first it seemed like a simple image, but on closer inspection it is actually full of little details; a viewer can stare at it for hours while thinking about the story that it illustrates.

I particularly like the sky/clouds; the colours & textures here are subtle & work really well together, it's beautiful and appropriate for the theme of the painting. Great work :)
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thank you for the insightful comment. I'm pleased to hear that it made you aware of a story existing behind it. This was created for my senior exhibition which was themed completely around dreams and nightmares of my own. This one was definitely a doozy with that whole dark and brooding bad ending that comes with most old folklore. Perhaps one day I shall have to illustrate it completely in a little book.

Thanks for stopping by:)
MyBloodyLane's avatar
Lovely. Very surreal.

Dragonfyre51's avatar
Beautiful painting, and an interesting concept, I love that you gave her a story ^_^
Sarissana's avatar
beautiful work...very creative.
Deadly-me's avatar
Beautiful painting!
I love the concept :heart:
wytherwing's avatar
an absolutely fascinating image and very cool concept. :clap:
karemelancholia's avatar

Love it!

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This cause deserves and needs support!
chalyss's avatar
That is a very cool little story! I wish I could remember my dreams with such clarity anymore.
AngelaSasser's avatar
It's odd how some dreams of mine are this clear, but others are completely forgotten upon awakening. Dreams like this only come to me every once in awhile. I tend to miss them when I don't have any for awhile.
Kazuki88's avatar
Awesome pic! I really like the concept! :D
Marker-Guru's avatar
I love how you included the puzzle pieces, and the crows are setup so nicely =D
lindowyn-stock's avatar
:whisper: Feature this and some others in my journal. :)
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