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Name:  Ramah Sirhaan (Rah-mah Sear-han) (also known as the Lord of Sirhaan)
Age:  29

Height:  6'
Eyes:  Bright Blue
Hair:  Black (long and wavy normally tied back)
Race:  Human (Werewolf)

Physical Description:  Ramah is a broad-shouldered figure toned from years of swordplay, horseback riding, and physical activity.  Much like many of the people of the human nation he is from, Ramah has a dark tan complexion with coarse black hair.  At once refined, he has since lost his clean shaven noble appearance to rough unshaven days without baths, fine clothes, or proper meals.  He normally looks pretty ragged except for the pristine plated armor he keeps in fine order.  Since his transformation, his normal 'human' form retains a sense of an angular bestialness in the sharpness and slant of his features which make him seem more wolf-like, even while still in human form.

Personality:  Calm, confident, and laid back, Ramah has a droll demeanor honed with a charming edge of courtesy catered by years of living in royal conditions.  Since his years as a man of the court, he has since lost his strict adherence to courtly ways and embraced a more free thinking ease about life, at least when it comes to certain things.  However, sometimes he cannot control the urges brought about by the wolf inside him, the kind that intensify his most basic instincts for food, territoriality, and mating.

Special marks:  Mostly covered with light scarrings which grow every day on his journeys.  A few of his notable scars include the bite pattern left on his neck by the werewolf attack that made him what he is.  This very same scar gives off a 'smell' of taint to those creatures sensitive to magic.  A nearly disfiguring scar from a cut runs vertical along the side of his left eye, altering the corner of the eye just enough to be noticable.

Occupation:  A free knight formerly of the human nation of Asteria

History:  Once the prince of a human city-state of Asteria (an industrious desert warrior people), Ramah lived quite an opulent life in his earlier years.  He wined, dined, and courted with not much care as to anything outside of learning to fight, riding, and wooing the most beautiful courtiers.  Till one day he witnessed a public execution of a man accused of stealing food for his family from a noble.  From that point onward, he took a more vested interest in the people of his kingdom, much to the distress of his father, the ruling sovereign who was training him to take his place.  On many occassions after he came of age, he would commonly object to his father's rulings and argue incessantly. Eventually, Ramah decided to ride out himself to aid an impoverished part of the town that had reported attacks by a large wild animal.  His father had considered the matter unworthy of their attention, causing Ramah to ride out in secret to attend to the matter himself if no one else would do anything.

Little did he know, he got more than he bargained for in that fight.  The animal turned out to be a werewolf, who delivered a massive bite to his neck before he was able to dispatch the beast.  He soon fell ill in one of the houses of the poor folk closeby and awoke the next morning soaked in blood that was not his own.  He returned to find the tiny settlement decimated by the same ravaging beast and finally realized the truth.  He had become what he hunted.  For many years afterwards, he wandered the land doing what he could to redeem himself, while being unable to return home for fear of the taint he would bring to the royal line and the nightly transformations that made him begin to question his sanity.

It was just after one of these nightly transformations that he found himself at the mercy of a pack of werewolf hunters when Iolani, a Nephalim, stumbled upon them and saved his life.  He has been traveling with her ever since, when not off on one duty or another.  Since he does not ask for money for his services, he oftentimes finds himself mooching food, clothing, weapon/armor repairs, and shelter from her on a regular basis.  Also, the two have a mostly stable romance if not for the fact they're almost always both working.

Despite being away from home for so many years, his father is still looking for him.  Ramah has to dodge bounty hunters, werewolf hunters, his father's men, and the men of his father's enemies on a regular basis.  He has no intentions of returning home any time soon, unwilling to face his father or the corruption there, or to let his father know what he has become.

*  As a warrior, Ramah is a highly trained and educated individual experienced in horseback riding, swordplay, and military tactics.

*  As a werewolf, he holds his greatest power at night, as he can transform into a humanoid wolf form which heightens all of his senses, physical strength, and agility.  Over the years, he has learned to control this tranformation to the point that he can trigger it at will, keep it at bay for a short time, or even allow it to only manifest itself partway.  He has also managed to regain his intelligence in the wolf form meaning he can weild weapons and pretty much do anything he could do as a human.  However, his instincts to kill are still dangerously high as a werewolf meaning he has to exert willpower the entire time or possibly lose control.

* He still carries the armor and sword given to him by his family, although as a werewolf, he cannot wear armor as the change tends to increase his body mass, thereby warping the armor he would wear normally.  The armor he normaly carries is a finely made suit of silver plate mail while the sword is a straight longsword with a ruby set in the pommel surrounded by his family's royal emblem and motto.
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A very interesting and even likable character.