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The Uncrucified Ch.8
It wasn’t till my arrival in Dinas Rhydd long after my journey as Koh had begun that I would learn what the witnesses of that day had dubbed me - The Uncrucified.  I loved the poetry of that.  Whether I was murderer or not, those in the crowd that day knew my innocence and spread the whispers of my name across the city of Nexus and beyond like wildfire.  
In my first days as Koh, I followed the rivers, venturing along the roads gathering slaves and runaways to me. I lived up to my bandit king namesake, making Guild caravans ours, with special attention to those shipments I knew were coming from my old friend Oroshu.  The symbol of the Eclipse that I saw in my vision painted over the Guild’s insignia became ours.  The phoenix became our symbol, a portent of a greater future rising from the ashes of the Guild’s failings.  
In each hub city I passed through, I left the seed of a trading post, the first threads in the golden tapestry that wou
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The Uncrucified Ch.7 Black Sun
The night before my execution was the longest night of my life, in a life filled a third of the way with long, fearful nights.  At first, I sat in the dark, my spirit still hollowed out by all that had transpired.  Hours passed and my mind began to race, pouring over every detail.  Where did we go wrong? What should I have noticed earlier?  How could I have stopped this?  
Could my father have lived if I didn’t convince him to fly in the face of the status quo?
He could have been working on his maps right now with none of this worry, while I, like a dutiful daughter, could have been running his business, the both of us prosperous and content as long as we turned a blind eye to the world.  It had been my foolish goading all along that led to this.
That revelation was when the wall of grief hit me and the tears I had been holding back since I had first found Ahrun dead poured out.  I shouted at the top of my lungs, kicking and tearing at the bare
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The Uncrucified Ch.6 Innocence
Ahrun Vadras, my father, the eccentric merchant prince, known as the Fearless Seeker, was found dead in his own bed in the warmth of Fire Ascending, the year RY 763. It was I who found him that fateful morning. I noticed he had slept in longer than usual, for he was a prompt and studious man, and I thought I’d relieve our servants of the responsibility of bringing him his morning tea and biscuits so I could tease him about his growing bad habits.
I cannot describe the horror of finding someone so dear simply…gone. He had been there smiling and laughing with me just the night before.
By the time I found him, death had already made his lips a shade of blue, a patch of foam congealed at the corner of his mouth, a curious detail that I was too distraught to notice then. The servants heard my startled yelling as I tried to wake him to no avail. I kept trying, even when they pulled me away and fetched help.
Doctors, associates, and priests came and went in the hustle of death pre
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The Uncrucified Ch.5 The Last Night
Before our eyes, Dinas Rhydd has raised itself from mud and sticks to wood and brick, weathering armies and invasion like the oldest mountain stone.  It grows as life will on the old bones of a great city that once toiled beneath our feet.  My Pristine Guild weaves a golden thread through it, tying outpost to outpost, smithy to baker, heart to heart.  Only now do I understand the power of this golden web.  Like silk, it seems fragile, but holds strong the fabric of Creation.
I realize now how little I understood about this balance as a young woman, fresh from school and full of plans and ideals.  I could only see a small part of the weave and attempt to pluck at it without any knowledge of how everything beyond my small vision changed when I did so.  
Despite entering the academy with an unorthodox educational background, I graduated top of my class, even managing to gain the respect of a few of those poor jeering souls that had tormented me upon my first
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The Uncrucified Ch.4 Name Day
No time to read?  You can listen to the audiobook of this chapter here!
When I met the young men who would become my loyal bodyguards and ‘little brothers’, they were barely older than children.  Arc of Silence and Night Locust appeared one day on my path through the countryside, two of many lost souls that gathered in our makeshift caravan seeking the thin thread of hope that was the road to the free city of Dinas Rhydd.  I didn’t pay much attention to them, at first.  They were another pair of unfortunates in an unending stream that never ceased to trickle from the Threshold. 
It wasn’t until we were held up by highwaymen that I learned the truth.  I had thought I could talk my way out of anything and tried to negotiate our passage with strong words.  Everything started to fall apart whe
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The Uncrucified Ch.3 The Unexpected Treasure
No time to read?  You can listen to the audiobook of this chapter here!
I couldn't have guessed at this stage in my life as a teen verging on adulthood exactly when Vadras’ tolerance of my curiosity and taste for learning turned into affection.  For sure, I made myself as useful as possible to him in hopes that he would never find a reason to banish me from the wonders of his study.  While I had an appetite for books, it was mathematics that I took to like a bird to the air.  This proficiency had only just begun to take root under Cynis’ instruction, but under Vadras, it bloomed with voracity!  I was his constant shadow in nearly all of his business dealings, checking measures and pointing out incorrect calculations in currency conversions, not all of w
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The Uncrucified Ch.2 The Delightful Heretic
No time to read?  You can listen to the audiobook of this chapter here!
I took my exile from Varia’s household harder than I could have ever anticipated.  I was like a man lost in the desert who had finally had a taste of water on his lips.  The taste of being treated like a human being, even if I was being used by someone for their own gain, had been such a sweet taste.  But now?  I was chattel once more.  Literacy had afforded me a position as a ‘permanent resident employee’ of my new master, Ahrun Vadras’, for who was Cynis to resist bartering me away at a good price with his tutelage and training of my person as a selling point?  I suppose I should have been thankful that I was not sold cheap to a far worse fate with his wife’s ire to consider.  
In this new, strange part of my life, I
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The Uncrucified Ch.1 A Cautionary Tale
No time to read?  You can listen to the audiobook of this chapter here!
Let it be known in the chill of Resplendant Air of RY 765, I began this memoir a scant time after settling into the freshly built shack that would become the first guild hall of the Pristine Guild, the guild I built from the shattered hopes and dreams I had left in me. It would rise from stick and mud beginnings just as I have from the dusts of the South to a grand path that lies before me.
Already, those who would tear this place down and reclaim this city and its people have been beaten back. The strings of destiny knot here in this place full of the undeniable passion of the free and the awe-inspiring golden warriors that I somehow find myself numbered among.
May this document be proof that I, Kalara Vadras, daughter of Ahrun the Seeker, lived in this moment in Creation
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Rapunzel on Tapastic! by AngelaSasser-story Rapunzel on Tapastic! :iconangelasasser-story:AngelaSasser-story 2 0 Rapunzel Comic 33 by AngelaSasser-story Rapunzel Comic 33 :iconangelasasser-story:AngelaSasser-story 2 4 Rapunzel Comic 32 by AngelaSasser-story Rapunzel Comic 32 :iconangelasasser-story:AngelaSasser-story 3 0 Rapunzel Comic 31 by AngelaSasser-story Rapunzel Comic 31 :iconangelasasser-story:AngelaSasser-story 2 0 Rapunzel Comic 30 by AngelaSasser-story Rapunzel Comic 30 :iconangelasasser-story:AngelaSasser-story 4 2 Rapunzel Comic 29 by AngelaSasser-story Rapunzel Comic 29 :iconangelasasser-story:AngelaSasser-story 3 0 Rapunzel Comic 28 by AngelaSasser-story Rapunzel Comic 28 :iconangelasasser-story:AngelaSasser-story 3 6 Rapunzel Comic 27 by AngelaSasser-story Rapunzel Comic 27 :iconangelasasser-story:AngelaSasser-story 3 2


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Faerie Chronicles Ch6
Eighth day of the thirteenth month, 10 A.D.
After spending an uneventful night with not much sleep, we set out this morning. I estimate only a few more days journey. We seem to be making good time so far. I hope that I have not spoken too soon, however. Some unusual things have happened that have thrown a large rock into the stream, as it were. It all started when we walked through a small patch of strange plants that I have never seen before. Kerrache said that he had seen them once as a boy, but he could not remember the name of the strange looking, but beautiful flower. At the time I did not think that much about this occurrence. However, I did think it strange that I would see a plant and not recognize it. Most faeries know every plant known to this earth. I sensed that perhaps some Fae magic was at work here. I continued on although I was wary of the consequences of walking through this clearing. My suspicions ended up being correct when we were walking and before us appeared an u
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The Faerie Chronicles
The Faerie Chronicles are documents that were uncovered by the late Dr. Shamish O'Reily in a cave just beyond Tara Hill in Ireland in 1926. His findings were ignored by scientists as a hoax and never got any attention from the media. These "documents" were what looked like to be ordinary stones and pieces of wood. However, the doctor knew that certain scratches on these objects meant ideas and words. Also, there were quite a few mental images stored in these artifacts. To understand what I mean, you must understand psychometry. Psychometry, for the metaphysically illiterate, is simply putting thoughts and feelings into an inanimate object such as a rock or even sometimes a dead piece of wood. For the most part, faeries are extremely empathic and read other's emotions very clearly. However, to communicate over long distances, they use psychometry to make sure that even after a long period of time, the message will remain in that object until the right person comes along to rece
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So…I wasn’t going to do this since I already have so much to do, but I’m trying NaNoWriMo again this year! I’m going to wake up an hour early each day to write, which will hopefully foster good habits for the future that I’ve been trying to foster anyways.

We’ll see what happens, but I’m not going to stress myself out too much if I can’t make a goal. This is purely for fun and stress relief! I desperately need a creative outlet during my current long project.  You can keep up with story snippets over at my writing tumblr.

TITLE: The Uncrucified: The Silver-Tongued Devil (that’s right, my Exalted character is back in writing, baby!)

SYNOPSIS: In a world of defunct gods, corrupt nobility, and ancient magic, a young slave named Kalara challenged the very underpinning of The Guild with her dreams of reform. Her ambitions brought her to the brink of life and death where the Unconquered Sun chose her to achieve a grand design even larger than her own.

A great destiny awaits! But how does a fugitive slave and wanted murderer start a mercantile empire with nothing but the clothes on her back, the guns in her hands, and the fledgling powers of a newly chosen Solar? Hunters smell new blood and the paths are thick with thieves.

She survived the horror of crucifixion, but can Kalara pass the true test of greatness - being alone in a world where old heroes are gone and hope has fled?

(If you missed the original story, check out The Uncrucified here!)


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