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Summer Party

By AngelaRizza
Did this one in ink and digitally added the color. Wanted to play with a traditional Japanese print and incorporate Sapporo's floral logo into it, so I added some of their leaves and hops. To represent contemporary Japan I included a small party enjoying their cans of beer and the sunset.
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Really beautiful! Are they hops? The plant that is? Because if so it would make a beautiful micro brew beer label..
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Yep! Did it for a Sapporo beer contest DA hosted.
Lilybell3's avatar
It's really excellent... Great job
ShortyGul's avatar
Beautiful work.
TriciaS's avatar
Wonderful composing!!!!!Love it!!!
WXKO's avatar
Judges were blind"
Arahiriel's avatar
Wow, just perfect in every way!
lylie-foak's avatar
This is gorgeous, oh my goodness. The colors and line work are incredible. Hats waaaay off!
ariieve's avatar
stunning work
I think this is an amazing piece of artwork.  You made an incredible creation.
tama-kinoko's avatar
it's beautiful!
I was impressed .
Chaosfive-55's avatar
This is wonderful. :aww:
limadaiqbal's avatar
Great art... I like this one..
RPGMakerPony's avatar
Strange feeling ... it's like a journey and a silent friendly party at the same time. Something from childhood, maybe? .. I don't know.
JenniferWeekley's avatar
Wonderful colors, draftsmanship and idea. I'm really enjoying this. 
imakestock's avatar
what do you use to create such intricate details?
AngelaRizza's avatar
For Inking i use a slicci .25m pen and for digitally coloring just the basic hard circle brushes that are in PS
imakestock's avatar
whats a slicci? I really like the way you do the intricate details and I have seen it in many projects. I have a intuos pro and I use photoshop cc I thought maybe that was illustrator.
AngelaRizza's avatar
It's an ink pen by Pentel, under $5 on amazon or eBay. My drawings are done in ink on paper which helps me get a lot of the line details.
Akajean's avatar
love everything on it
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