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Those eyes!.. i mean, those eyeyeyeyes)))
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Wonderful Angela !!
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Wow! The details are amazing!
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Very beautiful illustration,you did a great job!!!
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Great illustration!
I like you version of the (giant) eagles. It's naturalisitc enough to recognise them as eagles and fantastic enough to make them fantasy (three eyes! :thumbsup:).
Tolkien's eagles are not the same birds we know. If they are able to carry grown up humans like Gandalf, the must be gigantic fantasty creatures. Well done! :clap:
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very great job, but why did you give the eagle three eyes
Annathelle26's avatar
Oh, lovely style!:love:
Lady-Lena-LaFaye's avatar
:love: Fantastic work, love all the detail in this.
Mokinzi's avatar
So gorgeous!!! :heart:
TheUrbanFox's avatar
Amazing. I love those textures.
Paivatar's avatar
This is magnificent. How long does it take you, on average, to finish a piece like this?
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Inking is about 2-3 days, then coloring 1-2 days.
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This is so beautiful! I love the inking work and all the details. color scheme is also very lovely and goes very well with the scene. Great work!
LethielArt's avatar
I would be scared up there :XD: Poor little dawrves and hobbits :XD:

I like the sky so much and the feathers too :) The clouds don't look so cloudy but then again they give a fairytalish feeling to the overall drawing!

Nice piece and lovely color composition!

Did you use watercolors? Or acrylics?
AngelaRizza's avatar
Ink, black watercolor, and photoshop :)
LethielArt's avatar
Oh! I see :) Really good job :D
purpleniya's avatar
Magnificent. Love it love it love it (specially the feathers)
SaskiaDeKorte's avatar
Epic! Bit weirded out by the three eyes, tho :O
AngelaRizza's avatar
Lol yea I get that a lot, tried to make them a little different so they'd be my own.
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