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In The Beginning

By AngelaRizza
Inked with a brush an a .25mm slice pen, then digitally colored. I chose to illustrated prologue when the group of witches worked together summoning the tree. I wanted the style of this piece to be like the old illustrations you see in storybooks from a long time ago, to go along with the story told in the prologue. Also had fun playing with color and light in this one.
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WWrackham's avatar
The quality of this reminds me of my favorite golden age illustrators. Really beautiful!
Chloe-Valens's avatar
This is gorgeous! Absolutely lovely.
duaneromanell's avatar
Arthur Rackham would be proud.
alvringer's avatar
This does look like it is out of an old illustrated book, it's really beautiful! I love the detail, there's so much to look at and the colours in the tree are lovely.
EvelynVictus's avatar
Congrats for the win! :)
Yedurie's avatar
Awesome art work!
VanillaMetal's avatar
Lunitidal's avatar
Awesome job on the detailing and textures!
WakeFlames's avatar
Wow, great work. I love the detail on the clothing!
IGotOverIt's avatar
got some subliminal messages in there....
AngelaRizza's avatar
I do? What do you see? :)
IGotOverIt's avatar
well... looks like a womans torso area behind the mans' head, in the trees. Possibly an accident.
AngelaRizza's avatar
Haha, yea, I didn't do it on purpose, it's cool though, makes it a little creepier. Or sexier.
IGotOverIt's avatar
I thought for sure you did - but I like drawings where you find other things, like, "Where's Waldo?" lol
awesome amazing, definitely reminds of Rackham. love the clothing and characters.  also reminds me of tarot cards.  all very good :)
KaterinaD's avatar…  Well...I don't know what to say. Déjà vu?
AngelaRizza's avatar
Ooo I love Rackham!
I love this! very stylized 
MissBrightside03's avatar
That's incredible... I love your style!! 
BorjaPindado's avatar
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