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Happy Easter Guys

For some reason I can't view this in my gallery so I'm resubmitting it.
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bluekola's avatar
look at all those chickens!

and budgie!!!!!
MF99K's avatar
one of these birbs is not like the others 030 Birb 
KarRedRoses's avatar
Well isn't this a little flock o' sunshine? :D Great photo! 
PoshPegasus's avatar
That little guy is either really happy or really disturbed! :D
Wooooow Magnificent and lovely sweet
ts-animalgirl's avatar
So cute! I will figure out which is the real bird in a minute...hmmm...
DreamingBudgie's avatar

Hmmm... I wonder which is the real one?

It's got to be that one in the front row!

Hawkheart29's avatar
It's like I Spy combined with Hide-and-Seek.
Chateaugay's avatar
Cuteness all over!!!! Brilliant combination. :aww:
countingheartbeats's avatar
ahahaha what a brilliant photo.
Sheala324's avatar
Haha, very cute!
Adhius's avatar
Waah! She looks like my dear Tama! :3
Cute birds!! :heart:
Lun-Sei's avatar
I'm not the only one who collects dozen of those fluffy toy chicks!!
AngelaRizza's avatar
Haha, yea I rushed to The Christmas Tree Shop after Easter and got so many for $3
JediMasterQuill's avatar
Aww, this is just so cute! :D
CosmicSilver's avatar
Awww!! How adorable!!
mysslinhie's avatar
Chicky-the-Dragon's avatar
:giggle: Oh my god, this is awesome!

Aww, I used to have 2 lutino budgies :D
theautumngallery's avatar
Lol - that's a fantastic shot. Where's the birdy? ;)
meihua's avatar
Aww cute! I used to have a yellow budgie :)
wiebkefesch's avatar
Aw. My budgie is almost that same yellow.
caper-dj's avatar
This is so cute! At first I didn't see the real bird :XD: But then it stood out because he's almost identical to my guy Apricot. Very creative idea!
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