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Hansel and Gretel

Illustration Friday time! This week’s word was Scattered, so I came up with Gretel scattering breadcrumbs in the forest to follow in case they get lost. This is the first of three of four images where I want to approach the fable with a new perspective, so more to come!
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Gryffgirl's avatar
I love it--especially the birds! :)
diggermutant's avatar
There must have been something in that bread to attract such a variety of birds!
fallingSarah's avatar
You have a very wonderful whimsical style.
Sir-Pumpkinhead's avatar
One of my favorite folktales :)
kachicache's avatar
Very beautiful!
MegDoll's avatar
How long does it take you to complete a picture?

PS I'm in love with your style.
AngelaRizza's avatar
Maybe a day to do the final ink drawing and then a night to digitally color it. Less than 24 hours all together.
Rowkey's avatar
All of your art makes me want to cry in the best way. Everything fits together so beautifully, and the designs are the perfect balance of intricate and simple. :heart:
Caraphae's avatar
And I forgot to mention-that witch is the most menacing candy-wearer imaginable! Brr...
Caraphae's avatar
This is AMAZING. The colors--! Those birds are like something from a fever dream. What traditional media are you using, here? I'd love to try matching that vibrancy in some of my work...
AngelaRizza's avatar
The only traditional media is ink from pilot ball pens, pentel slicci pens, and micropens, and sometimes I'll shade the face or pieces with graphite. Then everything goes into photoshop and when it's finished I edit the levels and change the curves.
Caraphae's avatar
Thank you! I should add that I love the fullness of your compositions- no blank space, and yet they don't feel busy! Gives the eye and the mind a lot to study...
AngelaRizza's avatar
I just realized I submitted under traditional storybook instead of digital storybook x.x sorry about the confusion.
Karageorges's avatar
it's interesting, i'm reading now "the Brothers Grimm"
fairy tales! Really nice!
marychain's avatar
nice composition :)
monbaum's avatar
Wonderful atmosphere! Every fairy tale needs that kind of atmosphere, otherwise it doesn't work. :D
Gnuchi's avatar
I always love all the colors you use. Beautiful work!
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