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Gears of War III

I wanted to approach this contest and do it my own way, and god only knows how many sketches and even finishes I came to before I settled on this piece. I have a new found respect for the concept artists of this game, every time I looked at the armor I kept finding new screws and hooks and so many tiny details. So here is Anya and a Brumak.
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Wow!  You just put the magic into everything!  Outstanding!
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I love your style and works, very detailed, elaborated and beautiful!
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I am in love with this...the whole composition is amazing
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This was my #1 favorite of all the entries. Unique art style and interpretation of Gears while still capturing its essence. Do you think you'll be selling this as a print at some point?
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Thank you! I have a print up on Society 6 and once I get less lazy I'll resize it for ipod covers and laptop skins. [link]
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Probably the most unique work I've seen entered in the contest! Really cool.
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is she suppose to b a child or just has a childlike face?
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The total size of the ink drawing was something like 7inx10in so the face was around the size of a nickel. The smallest pen I have was a .3 pilot and even though it's tiny, the strokes were still to big and I guess the large features getting smushed into the small area made her look more childish than adult.
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Nope, an adult stylized face.
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I am happy this piece made it into the semi-finals. it's a great piece, one I always remember.
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This is really the best one. You gonna win it!
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The detail is extraordinary. How long did this take you?
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The inking was about a day and the color another day. Maybe a total of 18 hours.
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Do you ever record process videos of your work? Because that would be awesome.
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I tried livestream once or twice, but I could never figure out how to do a process video that just fast forwards everything I do.
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I suppose you would need an actual video making program to do that for you. Shame. I would love to see your drawing in action.
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Cool! This reminds me of Amano's Final Fantasy concept art.
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Extremely amazing entry I hope it wins!
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este trabajo es muy bueno me encanta te dejo mi direccion para que opines aserca de alguno de mis trabajos[link]
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It's got great style :D I really like the detail.
I know what you mean- every time I looked at a reference, there was something new! X'D
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Like this style alot.....
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