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Wonderful colors !! Waah : D !
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I am in love with your style! :love:
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I like how much more geeky your Harry looks compared to the movie version. Look at those square glasses :O

The rainbow suitcases really make this feel magical.
Shizuku-Uzu's avatar
nice! I love Hedwig :D and is that Nevil's toad? XD great work!
AngelaRizza's avatar
Thank you! I was actually going for chocolate frogs but I think I made them a little too big.
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very interesting stylization!
hezoo's avatar
I like the mix of orange and purple! And the play with the perspective of the suitcases adds too the surrealism and fantasy of your drawing :D
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the atmosphere of the picture is really magic!
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This is awesome!! The colors are incredible!!!
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oooh this is amazing! :D hihi lovely little harry :heart: the colours are soo beautiful, really! I'm really looking forward to see all of your book-drawings! :D
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LOVELY as always :D
Popinns's avatar
I love all the details and bright colours. The clock is especially nice.
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Great work! The many vibrant colours all work brilliantly together without being overwhelming:clap:
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I love these! I'm looking forward to seeing them all!
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