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Done in Ink, Watercolor and Photoshop
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Giant fire-breathing snapping turtle? Ok, that is an awesome concept. Scary, but awesome. XD
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Awesome!!  Is nedross!
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Suddenly seeing his paws doubles this If-It-See-Me-I'm-Dead-effect!
TheWabbajackX's avatar
A giant alligator snapping turtle with a volcano for a shell. No idea I needed this to exist in my life until now.
terceleto's avatar
Gorgeous!   I love the concept.  Such detail!   It reminds me of several creation stories :) 
jaymeefox's avatar
The NeverEnding came to my mind with the turtle and the Rock Man :D   I like this!! 
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Hawkheart29's avatar
I'm reminded of the Firebird from the movie Fantasia 2000.
TomWillem's avatar
The Turtle man on Animal planet would be running like hell from this. xD

Awesome work. :icongreatjobplz:
HaakonLie's avatar
What a cool idea!! The detail work is unmatched!
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KM-SDM's avatar
Wicked concept!
Paleona's avatar
Ah, I love it!! Your attention to detail and cross hatching is so wonderful. I love that I can always tell when a piece of art is made by you.
eldacar-elfinan's avatar
Legendary level reached.
Aart-ish's avatar
This looks great! :)
megadrivesonic's avatar
this definitely caught my eye, wonderful job from one artist to another.
jessehbechtold's avatar
I love this, very well done. The concept is fantastically Celtic and Norse. I know the earth is moving, but I can't help but feel the perspective might be a little off on the river, but still great. The texture of the rock I love and the grass "feels" so soft and springy.
Gryffgirl's avatar
Holy wow! This is awesomely frightening! I love the rock turtle beast--very imanginative how it appears to be one with the landscape!
Aquardial's avatar
Wow. This took me a minute of studying to see the claws coming out of the ground, my eyes were so focused on the turtle's mouth-of-doom. We have a lot of snapping turtles where we live, and it's breeding season, so this was timely :-) One of the few I won't dare to help across the road ;-)
Yep, I can see the Ugly Truth behind this (and I quit 3 weeks ago, so that's timely too). Thanks for helping me inadvertently be more determined to STAY quit. Stay quitted? Hrm. Ya know what I mean.
Awesome work as always, and good luck in the contest!
pandaora's avatar
Gorgeous! ^^ I love the inkwork, it reminds me of old storybooks.
jesusmarvelite3's avatar
Your line work is awesome, ma'am.
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