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My Little Pony sketchcards 1

By angelacapel
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This is the first half of a set of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic sketch cards (ATCs, ACEOs). Included here from the top left is: Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rarity, Big Macintosh, Apple Bloom, nurse pony and Granny Smith.

These are done in the G4 pony style of Lauren Faust. :)

Also, two of the cards here are not for sale because my three year old has staked her claim on them: Big Macintosh and Apple Bloom.

The other installments of the set are here: [link]

EDIT: All of these cards have sold.

Please note me if you are interested in those or another pony card commission. They are priced at 5 dollars a piece, no shipping fee.
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Nurse Redheart is the nurse pony twilight meets in Applebuck season.  She's helping sick ponies at Ponyville Urgent Care (including Pinkie Pie) who ate Applejack's "Baked Bads."
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these are really cool but my biggest gripe is that twilight's hair is not light lavender but a dark blue.. other than that these are really nice
i think the nurse's name is Red Heart
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Surprisingly, the best two from this are at the bottom..
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so, fluttershy, nurse redheart, and granny smith?
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I'm going to have to check my card stack, cause I'm thinking I sold Granny Smith and forgot to edit my post to indicate that, but I'm positive that Fluttershy and Nurse Readheart are still available if you are interested. Just drop me a note. I'd be happy to send them on to you. Do you use paypal?
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i was just asking
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*LOL* That's cool too. ;) Glad you were curious.
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Twilight's hair looks unfinished.
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After you saying that i can see what you mean, but at the time, It seemed finished! *lol*
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ill take fluttershy
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Fantastic! :) Send me a note with your address. :) I accept paypal or checks. These cards are my best deal at only 5 dollars!
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I sent you a note the other day. Hope you're still interested in the card! :) :)
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