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Quiet | Closeup

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Me as Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

I didn't like the character at all the first time I saw her, it just felt out of place and everyone knows what I’m talking about. But in the trailer, when I saw her vanishing while escaping from a Diamond Dogs helicopter and disappear in front of everyone,  that just made me love her!
After a couple of days thinking about how to make something similar, the idea of a bodypaint came to my mind last year, and now here we have the results.

Note: There's something on this cosplay that made me think I was going to look vulgar, and indeed, it's very easy wearing these clothes, BUT! it's something that we can control, the expression, the posture and the way that you wear them that makes the difference.

Thanks to :iconrocha86: for his amazing work as always, to Andres Herrera for all your support and Maurice Sagot for this amazing bodypaint…

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Very impressive cosplay. You really managed to capture the look and feel of Quiet. 

Also I like your air rifle. Is that a Gamo? 
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I'm very curious about the pellet gun as well !
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P.S. kojima wud b proud
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Bellissimo. She became my favorite character when she protected me from all the sniper skulls and took them down, an epic teleportation kung fu snipe off 1vs a dark legion. Hahaha who am i kidding, she was an insta fav
Perfect and creative rendition. I could see you going further with the makeup for her transmutation phases.
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Awesome work! Confidence is the key to most things, you did really great owning this cosplay :)
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Awesome Quiet! What do you think about her role in MG5?
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Nice, the facepaint gives much character to the impersonation, and the weapon being held like that, gives more focus to the pose itself.
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Keep them coming! Clap 
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Wonderful without a doubt. 
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Nailed the make-up.  Awesome.  And definitely not vulgar...classy but hardcore!
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Im not a fan of the character design. But you manage to make it look so much better.

Quiet always has a strange expresion on her face when i see her. But you make the costume work with your presance.
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Many people said that. Hideo Kojima said that any of us thinking of the vulgarity in Quiet will understand when we know her back story and the personality in her face will be understood.
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Its not so much the costume itself for me. Its that in all
the press images of Quiet she has a kinda sour weird look
on her face.
Luna1292's avatar
Oh yeah I know what you mean. But i guess her back story explains why she looks so serious.
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she probably looks better in motion too
Luna1292's avatar
Right. Have you seen the gameplay where she helps you?
Aside from that if ever a movie where made miss Angela here would be a shoe in for her. Not all cosplayers do so well.
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I have not, its not very high on my list of games im
interested in.
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Your awesomeness knows no bounds!

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