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My next resolution, after I finish my current work (3D archviz), is to improve my drawing skills. Sadly I couldn't bring my tablet with me to Dublin, because it was too big to fit on the small handbag, and I didn't want to put it in the big one, and take any chances of loosing it or breaking it... It's too precious :)
I've really been in the mood for drawing this days, so let's hope I'll come up with something great to post here :)
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My aquarium is now more than four years old, and it was one of the first 3D objects I made. It's fully animated, including the seaweeds and bubbles (I used Maya paint effects, and the result was quite good :)).

It's part of a house I modeled as a school project, which is in my to-do list to be improved, because it has too many flaws that I didn't have time to correct back then...

I hope you enjoy it!! :)
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Today I decided to post one of my models that I love the most. Although it's not finished yet, I think it's quite good, but I'll try to manage my time so i can finish it soon :)
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