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SchoolComp: Poster2-Comic Sans

EDIT: Updated File
• An updated version of my previous poster.
• Changed typeface to "Interstate"
• Fix the kerning and leading along with some of the copy.
• Added color.

Well this project is [I say 'is' because theres 4 more I need to do] a snazzy one. I'll tell you what, I'm really beginning to like my Type Hierarchy course at Ai.

Anyway, this is for that class, another project based on Typography. We need to create 5 posters base on solely Type. We can use pictures and vectors but the theme must be a Font style. So I submitted my Garamond Book cover [link] as one submission and created this one today.

I really had this in mind for a while and this project let me execute it. I really dislike Comic-sans. Me and millions of other designers, so I decided to create a sort'of spoof poster. I think this is the first time I have EVER used C*mic S*ns.

• Program - Adobe Illustrator
• Photos - none
• Font - Helvetica Neu and C*mic S*ns [ugh]
• Texture/Vectors - none
• Brushes - none
• Body text was taken from wikipedia . org

Criticism is encouraged. Shout out to my boys at Fresh (Aes)thetics [link] for the little witty name inspiration.
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Eight years after this was made, Undertale may have given the Comic Sans font a full pardon in the eyes of the internet.
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It's also not technically a sans serif font! Look at that capital "C"!
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Comic Sans is very readable :D
PandoraLewis's avatar
Fantastic!!! (and so true) :clap:
LunarMew's avatar
YES! Approved! :iconexcitedplz:

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connare's site got was hacked, i got a virus and a free pills redirect :lol:

don't google his website, guys!
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In my high school, we had a poster made by one of the students that threatened to make a girl named Faye punch a bunny every time we used Comic Sans.
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coooooooooomic saaaaaaaaans
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I can't go a single day without seeing this font :noes: unless I spend it sleeping! :lol:
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I'm not a Comic Sans fan...
How did you make that old comic book shade, the one with dots?
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Probably with screen tone? Or the digital equivalent.
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Nevermind, learnt it already. Thanks tho.
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I figured you might, as it was a while ago =p
Urgh. I saw comic sans at my work today... Made me shudderxD.
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Hahaha. Excellent. xD
I really do wince everytime I see that font used in magazines or on websites, it really makes me want to slap the offender square in the face. :D
Love the poster. :) Though I think the paragraph under "released in 1994" needs to be a little more square to match with the rest of the poster.
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as horrific as this font is when seen here and there on websites, it's still my font of choice for IM applications :giggle: because there's always something comic in chatting :lol:
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