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Typography Heirarchy Course midterm poster for a typography competition. This is 1 of 5 that we will evaluate in class.

This particular poster was taken from a book cover I designed earlier. I think many of you have seen it, so its no big.


swäv | design studio

[EDIT] 11.27.07
My FIRST DD... I am completely speechless. Took me by surprise big time. I actually thought it was a virus when I saw all the messages. I thanked ^patgroove so much I think I annoyed him lol His description of the project is absolutely beautiful and scary. To all that have visited I thank you and appreciate you taking the time to critique and look at my gallery so much you wouldn't believe. I am making sure I respond to all the comments, I'm not so sure I can get to all the :+fav:'s but I'll try, either way my sincerest thanks! Much love to you, blessings and say no to drugs :ahoy:
• If you like the color palette you can download it from my nifty Colourlovers . com profile here: [link]
• Print is now available for those that requested it.
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I like the indie movie poster feel
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I love this unique layout.
It helps me as a inspirational approach............
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Can I use this in my typography book for university? You'll be referenced, of course.
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I like the typography, just so you know I posted your poster design on my page at [link]
love it, I'm buying the print for my office. nice work
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Garamond is actually my favourite font :D yay!
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This is featured in [link] :)
AtomicWinterSun's avatar
I tip my hat to you, oh typography genius!

Absolutely loveeeeeeeeeee it!

Hope it won everything it was submitted to :D
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AMAZING job really... i love how u made the G .... great job thumbs up :d
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How do you do something like this?
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Hey this piece have been featured in my text art feature journal - right here [link] ;)
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Thank you VERY much!!!
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Hey check this out [link]
Not an exact of yours but as soon as I had seen it I thought, is it the same person or just someone biting you concept? Nonetheless, I like both versions, I like your's best because you've used the rule of thirds much more effectively.
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thanks for the heads up!
magnificent! how did you make the 'G'?
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took a lot of time! lol
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i'm sure this has been said before, but this is simply beautiful work. i found it through here's the link :D
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Hey thanks a lot. Yea, I received a text message from a classmate/friend of mine. I was like, wild! Thanks again!
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Your wonderful typography has been featured in this News Article ! [link] So hope you'll like it and meet others who does the same type of art :)
If you :heart: then you could :+fav: to show your support :) Comments are also appreciated :)

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