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School Project: PackageDesign1


[EDIT: 06/08] Full view recommended. Changed original to my actual portfolio piece. You can see more at

And yes, this piece won an Package Design Award from GD USA Magazine featured in the March 2008 issue. :highfive:


Here is the [link] to part two.


Wow, I just finished laying out the photos for this project. Here is the scoop. I suggest FULL VIEW

Class is Package Design. We had to choose a non-profit organization. I chose TWLOHA [link] since a) I support their cause and b) I really like their design style.

We had to create a sponsor package this organization would sendout to potential sponsors to grab their attention and, of course, get funding. We had to include, brochure (at least 4 pages) gala invite/envelope, multimedia disc and gift/souvenier.

I really brainstormed on a design and concluded that a cube would serve best.I'm really happy I chose that. Its' dimensions are 5 x 5 x 5.

I tried designing it as close to their scheme as possible. Once I upload the sketches, you'll see how I came about it. The foldout brochure was a bit tedious, after I made a mockup, so I decided to add a little designdiddy instructions. They came out well. I'll upload the actual design for you hardcore critics.

The actual invite is pretty sweet and the verbiage of it is nice. I would be a benefit concert featuring Anberlin, The Almost and Switchfoot at about $500 a plate for TWLOHA. The layout came out nice.

The CD was easy, I wanted to incorporate it in the 'O' of LOVE in the panels. The souvenier would be the actual TWLOHA shirt but also a stand for the box which would be a real nice souvenir.

Overall, I'm real happy with the outcome. Lets see if the TWLOHA organization takes a look at it, you never know ;p

Special thanks to Jennie for taking some shots. Hers is the very last but powerful one. Pass by and say hi.

Feedback if possible.


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what paper you use?
how to print it?
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very lovely design! i like the color scheme and overall complexity
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gosh you are out of mind.. and in a good way.. wish i had your mind.. lol
This is sweet.
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yr crazy dope.
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IM SPEECHLESSS..... woooooww wooooow WOOOOOOOOOOWWW.....
absolutely stunning...
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awesome.. fantastic,.. stunning art packaging
i love that much..djsoundwav
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Man i love this... :+fav:
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you hav a great my admiration xD
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best package design I've ever seen!
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:hug: This image has been featured in a TWLOHA Dedication News Article as well as my Journal!

If you like the article, please :+favlove: the article to help spread the word! :heart:
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This is VERY innovative!

Everything is self contained and WELL designed!

Fantastic work!!
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Amazing piece! =)

I donate to this cause monthly!
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still in love with this project...i want to ask if u designed the font or did u find in [link]...i cant find it there.
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the TWLOHA font/logo I couldn't find. So I recreated it from Avant-Garde and some of the letters I just re-outlined in illustrator Thanks again! much appreciated.
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thanks for ur honest!
how much would something like this cost to make per piece? i need something like this for my dj services show i can sample my work and tell the clients what im capable of providing
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Brilliant, keep it up! :)
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Prize well deserved 'cause is a great design :nod:
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awesome idea...that s really amazing...if i were you, i wouldnt wait TWLOHA to see ur projects...i would send them in myspace message and wait what they r gonna say.
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ha. thanks! believe me, I did! they loved it. They want me to send them one box done. Just gotta do it one of these days!
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hahahahaha...that s gorgeous!!!
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