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McCain Hero Poster

-- POSTER -- I upload this with all respect to ObeyGiant's Shepard Fairey. I think his work is phenomenal and in no way do I feel that this compares to the original work of his "Obama Hope" Poster. It was available for purchase at ObeyGiant's site. Here is the [link] You can also read about how the Obama Poster rose to fame via this [link]

-- VARIANT -- You can see the alternate poster using Fairey's colours at this [link] or just go to my gallery and see it next to this one.

-- POLITICAL -- I am registered independent and don't really endorse neither candidate. But you can read below as to why I decided to create this tribute to both McCain and Fairey.

Regardless of what you may think, McCain is indeed an American hero. His war story is powerful. And now, after seeing the final debate, I have no problem saying that he has my vote. It seems the media hasn't been very fair to the guy and in my opinion, he'll serve as a better president than all the shadyness that seems Obama and his party has. That's about as political as I'm willing to go here on dA.

About this piece:

Okay. So I've been working on this for a while now.

How did this start? Well, frankly, I was fedup and tired of all this Obama hype/propaganda, specially from the Art Community. I say hype, because that is what it is. Obama has been painted as some sort of saviour by the majority of artists because it seems that it is the trendy thing to do.

The online community everywhere has been so hateful and hostile to the McCain/Palin ticket that it really just got on my nerves.

I decided to search to see if there were other artists that supported McCain and I was surprised to find nothing. Maybe it was were I looked. I was just wishing someone would do something.

So I thought, "What if instead of the "Obama Hope" poster, it was the "McCain Hero" poster that was created. So I guess I decided to give it a shot. I'm not big on duplicating anyone's style or even Illustrating this extensive on Illustrator. That is the result.

Below are the specs on the job.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator
Color Palette: [link]
Orig Photo: [link]
Size: 24" x 36"

In regards to the original poster by Shepard Fairey. Like I said above, this is more of a tribute to McCain's persona and Fairey's style. I take no credit for the concept and idea, only for its execution. Frankly, I don't even think mine compares.

The colour scheme was based off McCain/Palin logo available for download at BrandsoftheWorld . com I decided to tweak the dark blue, light blue and creamy yellow so it is a bit different than Fairey's Obama version.

I know I could've tweaked it more, but frankly, I'm tired of working on it. LOL I just wanted to upload it and give McCain supporters a chance to download it. Seems like today was fitting since we just had the final Presidential Debate. If you missed it, you can see it all at the CSPAN page on youtube.

This piece is available for free download. I will also upload an Alternate Piece with the exact "Obama Hope" colour scheme.

If you comment, please be prudent. This is not the spot for political debates. Please critique it as an art piece.

Thank you and God Bless America ;p

Angel A. Acevedo / Dj Soundwav

swav | design studio
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Ol' Shadow Senator
king-of-hydras's avatar
Out of curiosity who was he bombing?
Argoniandrake27's avatar
I hope he runs for 2016 :) and he's better than Obama and Romney that for sure
Il-Mentore42's avatar
McCain really is a good man, he just committed political suicide by picking Mrs. Palin for Vice President.
CyberEagleWarrior's avatar
You did a good job!
DJDav16's avatar
I'm not a fan of McCain, but this could work:)
I like it, but lets all hope Palin doesn't have one made for her come next election.
kradeelav's avatar
Thank you, thank you, thank you for defying the trend, and for honoring him as a hero. :heart:

Artistically wise, this is amazing. Even though yellow isn't really a 'patriotic' color, (and even more of an irony since the Conservative Party's color is red xD ), yellow still gets the positive-ness, and the punch soundly. Might not have added the two-tone 'white/cream' to his forehead, since it looks a tad smudged, but the lighting elsewhere is dead-on.

Politically wise - and I'll keep this short - I agree 100% with what you said. :> It's crazy hard to be a bona-fide Republican in an art school, and not get tired of the endless praise for Obama. McCain, while not perfect, went through a heck of a lot more than most of us ever will. I thank God for men like him.

(Again, wonderful piece of artwork. <3~ )
angelaacevedo's avatar
thank you for the critique and very kind comment. :ahoy:

The colors chosen here were based on McCains campaign color logos, yellow and blues, so I made an alternate version a'la Fairey. ;P

I really appreciate your feedback!
DeltaMa's avatar

I am so thrilled to finally see something POSITIVE about McCain, or at least someone not bashing on him...

And McCain is TRULY and ABSOLUTELY in my opnion, an American Hero. :) God Bless him and all the other POW's or former POW's.

I absolutely love this piece. The colors are very good. I love them. The yellow and blue give it in my opinion a sense of hope, and looking forward to the future.

Great job again. :)
cbuckley64's avatar
Wow, I was searching for T-Shirt template and stumbled upon this piece. Truly a masterful work, and it would have been amazing if this would have gotten out during the campaign.
Meep-inc's avatar
dude my mom and dad had to leave their home country of liberia and lost most of their family yet they don't keep bring it back up so he was a pow for my parents if you got cuaght you died but don't get me wrong you pic is cool
caesaraugustus's avatar
Stop saying you respect Fairey

That man would steal from you if he thought he'd profit off it.

Instead, kick that commie's ass!

I voted for McCain.
seancruz's avatar
Finally, a poster of McCain. This is great, you did an amazing job, and I feel like you can compare it to the Obama one.
HA, it's sort of ironic that you chose McCain in a Shepard style print......

and why the color blue and yellow?

anyway I don't support McCain at all...but, the fact that it resembles a Shepard is all that matters...I guess
angelaacevedo's avatar
Blue/Yellow because those were McCain's brand colors during his campaign. I tried staying true to the original scheme. :D
JoniGodoy's avatar
Veo que comentaron muchísimo aquí sobre McKain! Si tuvo muchos seguidores, a pesar que Obama arrasó en popularidad. Platícame algunos puntos destacados que màs admiras de McKaine, si tienes chance.
JaketimusPrime's avatar
I adore this, because he IS a hero, he almost DIED for our country.
LugiaDudeXD's avatar
I voted for Obama, and i gotta say i regret it, this man is a fucking hero. I wish i voted for him...
LobsterRockefeller's avatar
I really like the coloring on this, such a beautiful poster. Obama's makes him seem more like a villain but that prolly because I voted for McCain :b
girl-of-fire's avatar
I absolutely love this! I wish I had this poster....
You adapted to the style very well, and I like your color choices! c:

This is amazing; I really think that this should've been used as part of McCain's campaign. I think that McCain definitely deserves his "hero" title; his services within the American Armed Forces are legendary. The personal sacrifices he made for his country are absolutely unbelievable, and it's about time that someone made something as wonderful as this to show that. Although I wasn't crazy about either of the candidates, McCain captured my vote with his unconditional love for America. Obama certainly hasn't made any sacrifices for this country.
Taylei4eva's avatar
I love it. You're amazing.
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