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A3D Grass Brushes

Just a quickie I made for a project ... Eight simple grass brushes ... Made in Photoshop 7

Hope you can use them
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Muchas Gracias.. infinitas gracias Angela3d

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You're very welcome :)

This is great. I will use this in my project. Thanks.
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Used here [link] Thank you! :huggle:
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How do I use this?
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Used here [link] thanks for the amazing brushes! :love:
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Hi, I have used your amazing brushes here [link]
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I used your lovely stock here [link]

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Hiya! I used your brushes here. [link]

Thankies. <3
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I used your brushes here: [link]

Thanks a lot! ^^
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Thank you soooo much for these brushes! I'm using them for my new blog design and it's just perfect!

One question though: My photo blog is 99% private. But 1% "commercial" - in the way that maybe someone who wants me to take photos of him (I'm just starting to offer some aquaintences to shoot their children and won't do it as a real business) may have a look over there to see whether I'm a good photographer. So... may I use your brushes for my blog (of course with crediting you) even if it's not completely private?
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where can we download them?
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Just click on the download button
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Can we use these in GIMP??
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Honestly, I don't have a clue if they will work in Gimp or not ... Sorry
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I liked them and I have put a link to this page on my blog.
hope you will not mind.
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Brushes used here. ^^


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I used these blushed here:
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Judging by the preview, these are some nice looking brushes... I'll have to give em a go and see how they do :):horns:

Thanks for taking the time to make grass for us lazy bastids :D
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