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MMD DL Directory 4 [+ Pose Pack DL]

Hello people =D (Big Grin)
this is a project I wanted to do in a while, so welcome to the MMD DL Directory PartyPartyParty
This directory will show some of the models that I have, and I'll leave you the link of the respective author to download (NONE OF THE LINKS IS MINE!!!!)

The third version of the MMD DL Directory was a success too!! Thank you very much for the comments, I'm really happy people liked the game =D (Big Grin) So I decided to continue game. There are 3 rules:
I want at least 3 commentsto upload the next MMD Directory DL
2) For these first 3 friendly people who comment,there will be a little bonus!!! (Read Bonus below)
3) You can download the poses in pictures. If you download please comment!! (Pose by ME =D (Big Grin))

Today's theme is: Project Diva in TDA Style!!

TDA MEIKO Blue Crystal DL by :iconsushi-kittie:
(Tda Style) General Kaito DL~ by :iconkitkatmmd:
Agitation - Bad Boy by :iconcrystallyna:
TDA Nagisa Replica Luka {DL} by :iconharukasakurai:
Agitation - Bad Boy by :iconcrystallyna:
-TDA Sunflower Rin download- by :iconsushi-kittie:

. BONUS: REMmaple Snow Miku V3!!!
   (Different model, same rules =D (Big Grin) I have this model some time ago, but I had some trouble getting it,
because for the password you need to speak Japanese, and after much effort I got it!!! So,
for the first 3 people who comment, I'll give them the password and the original download link!!!!! And it's completely legal because it is the link of the author (I'm practically just translating)PartyPartyParty I really don't know if the model is very common or not, but for me it's a cute model, so why not use it like a bonus XD)

BONUS QUESTION: Hey people, do you like the bonus models ?? Or would it be better to stop giving it???

NO MME, but I used Sai for the background =D (Big Grin)

Pose by Me =D (Big Grin)  (If you use, credit me!!)
Pose Pack Download link-------------------------> MMD Directory 4 Poses by Angela-16

Disclaimer: None of the models presented in the MMD DL Directory belongs to me, I just created this in order to give links to nice models to MMD'ers and help to promote their authors =D (Big Grin) The poses are mine, so if you use,then credit me!!!

No need to credit me when using these models because they are not mine. All I want are comments here to see if they like the idea, and so I decide to continue with this project or not =D (Big Grin)
And Please don't favourite/download and run, I enjoy reading comments whether negative or positive =D (Big Grin)
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It didn't work...

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Hey these look so pretty, but I'm confused... I only see a png file when i go to d/l it... where are the pmx files? I'm a n00b dotcom...

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If your still looking, its highlighted in the description in credits for each model.:D

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DL Zatsune And Miku, Miku And Teto

Dios Mio
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