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:iconaqua-cplz::iconaqua-oplz::iconaqua-mplz::iconaqua-mplz::iconaqua-iplz::iconaqua-splz::iconaqua-hplz::iconaqua-eplz::iconaqua-splz:Princess Luna 12inch plushie by angel99percentPinkie Pie plushie by angel99percentVinyl Scratch 2 custom by angel99percentGhoulia glass engrave by angel99percentEmily Corpse Bride v2 by angel99percentZecora embridered patch by angel99percent
Hello everyone :) (Smile)
I would love to make something special for you :)
I'm taking care about details in every of my works. 


Check out my 99pAngelCustoms Etsy shop…

and also come and take a look on my FB fanpage…

I'll take commishions for:

Pony plushies, whatever character you want or OC ^^ just ask. I make plushie ponies in size 15cm, about 30cm-35cm, 50cm and bigger... whatever size you want. They are made of  high quality fleece fabrics. They have a machine-embroidered eyes and cutie marks. I can make ponies standing on four legs (standard), laying, chibis. For all original character please provide a vector/or images for the eyes and cutie marks of those characters. All suggestions are welcome and will be taken into consideration. Prices depends on character difficulty. So just send me a note ^^ I can sure you that I do not have exorbitant prices ;)
They are made of cuddly fleece, soft and hipoallergenic stuffing. Coming from a non-smoke home. So you don't have to worry about you could be allergic of this material.

:bulletpink: Sarubobo ponies 10$ with painted eyes and CM's :squee:
:bulletpink: Cube budget version 30$ (10x10x10cm)
:bulletpink: Cube ponies 40$ (10x10x10cm)
:bulletpink: Sea ponies 40-45$ (about 20cm (8inch) tall)
:bulletpink: Chibi ponies 45-50$
:bulletpink: Lying ponies 30cm long (beanies) about 70-150$
:bulletpink: Standing on four legs ponies 25cm (10inch) height about 80-150$
:bulletpink: Standing on four legs princesses 30cm (12inch) height about 110-170$
:bulletpink: Standing on four legs ponies about 46cm (18inch) height about 170-300$
:bulletpink: Standing on four legs princesses about 60cm (23inch) height about 250-300$
:bulletpink: Life size plushie ponies (about 100cm and more) from 700$ and up

You will have to pay SHIPPING.
Bank transfer is only for people from Poland.
Paypal payment should be made as for a "Friend or Family member",

Or when you pick the second option - please be sure you check that you take care about paypal fees



Possible duty fees are not in my responsibility. Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.
Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs be prior to buying.
Priority shipping to USA usually takes from 7 to 14 days to deliver.

Sarubobo Toothless by angel99percentSarubobo Spyro by angel99percentSarubobo Princess Luna by angel99percentSarubobo Celestia by angel99percentSarubobo Twilight Sparkle by angel99percentSarubobo Rainbow Dash by angel99percentSarubobo Rarity by angel99percentSarubobo Fluttershy by angel99percentSarubobo Derpy by angel99percentSarubobo Great and Powerful Trixie by angel99percentSarubobo Octavia by angel99percentSarubobo Vinyl Scratch by angel99percentSarubobo Spitfire by angel99percentSarubobo Sunset Shimmer by angel99percent

Flutteshy cube by angel99percentCube Rarity by angel99percentCube Pinkie Pie by angel99percentCube Twilight Sparkle by angel99percentCube Applejack by angel99percentCube Vinyl Scratch by angel99percentCube Derpy by angel99percentCube Octavia by angel99percentGreat and Powerful Cube Trixie by angel99percentCube Luna by angel99percentCube Luna lighter version by angel99percentCube Nightmare Moon by angel99percentCube Chrysalis by angel99percentCube Celestia by angel99percentCube Cadence by angel99percent

:bulletpink::iconpink-splz::iconpink-eplz::iconpink-aplz: :bulletpink: :iconpink-pplz::iconpink-oplz::iconpink-nplz::iconpink-iplz::iconpink-eplz::iconpink-splz::bulletpink:
Fluttershy sea pony by angel99percent Twilight Sparkle sea pony plush by angel99percent

Chibi Cadence by angel99percentChibi Celestia by angel99percentChibi Vinyl Scratch DJ-Pon3 by angel99percentChibi Rainbow Dash by angel99percentChibi Fluttershy by angel99percentChibi Vinyl Scratch plush by angel99percentChibi Octavia plush with hand made wooden cello by angel99percentChibi Trixie by angel99percentChibi Celestia by angel99percentChibi Rarity by angel99percent

Derpy beanie by angel99percentbeanie Trixie by angel99percent

:bulletpink:Lying Twilight Sparkle Lying Twilight plush by angel99percent

:bulletpink::iconpink-splz::iconpink-tplz::iconpink-aplz::iconpink-nplz::iconpink-dplz::iconpink-iplz::iconpink-nplz::iconpink-gplz: :iconpurple-2plz::iconpurple-5plz::iconpink-cplz::iconpink-mplz: :iconpurple-3plz::iconpurple-oplz::iconpink-cplz::iconpink-mplz::bulletpink:
Princess Luna 12inch plushie by angel99percentPrincess Celestia plush 14'' commishion by angel99percentPrincess Luna by angel99percentPrincess Cadence by angel99percent
OC Kathrin plush by angel99percentFleeting Dream OC plush by angel99percentOC Winter Song by angel99percentFluttershy plush by angel99percentRarity by angel99percentPinkie Pie plushie by angel99percentCommishon OC Noti by angel99percentOC Lucky by angel99percent

Princess Twilight Sparkle plushie by angel99percentPinkie Pie plushie by angel99percentBlackjack plushie by angel99percentSonata Dusk plushie by angel99percentRarity plushie by angel99percentFluttershy plush by angel99percentVinyl Scratch 19,7'' plush by angel99percent

:bulletpink::iconpink-lplz::iconpink-yplz::iconpink-iplz::iconpink-nplz::iconpink-gplz: :iconpurple-5plz::iconpurple-oplz::iconpink-cplz::iconpink-mplz: :iconpink-lplz::iconpink-oplz::iconpink-nplz::iconpink-gplz::bulletpink:
Flying/lying Rainbow Dash 50cm long by angel99percent

:bulletpink::iconpink-lplz::iconpink-iplz::iconpink-fplz::iconpink-eplz: :iconpink-splz::iconpink-iplz::iconpink-zplz::iconpink-eplz::bulletpink:
:Life size Princess Luna plushie SOLD by angel99percent 

:bulletpink: and many more :)


:billetblue: custom Zelfs I can do any zelf you want (medium rares, lil rares, oc, large as mediums, large as lils, centaurs etc)
custom Centaur zelf by angel99percentCentamer custom centaur zelf by angel99percentRainbow Manny medium custom by angel99percentcustom Jewely zelf by angel99percent 2 Snophies and 2 Jewelys lil customs by angel99percent 2 Clovers lil customs by angel99percent
Noodles custom medium zelf by angel99percentcustom medium Marsha by angel99percentChristmas sisters by angel99percentStary Night OOAK custom by angel99percentcustom medium Talon zelf by angel99percent
custom lil Rainglow by angel99percentHand Painted Snowphie by angel99percentSuper zelf Candy by angel99percentChristmas zelf by angel99percentcustom lil Rainglow by angel99percentlil Snowflake custom by angel99percent

Pony custom toys, whatever character or OC you want, prices depends on character and difficulty ex.:
:bulletblue: Blind Bags starts from 20$
Blind bag custom Luna show accurate by angel99percentAloe bb custom by angel99percentQueen Chrysalis blind bag custom by angel99percentNightmare Moon blind bag custom by angel99percentSapphire Shores show accurate blind bag custom by angel99percentGranny Smith blind bag custom by angel99percentFluttershy show accurate mane and tail custom by angel99percent

:bulletblue: Brushable Sized starts from 30$
Octavia Melody 2 custom by angel99percentVinyl Scratch 2 custom by angel99percentDerpy Hooves custom by angel99percentQueen Chrysalis brushable custom 1 by angel99percentRarity Gala Dress custom by angel99percentCherry Jubilee custom by angel99percentGilda custom by angel99percentSnowdrop v2 custom by angel99percentNightmare Rarity custom by angel99percent
:bulletblue: and many many more :)

Hand engraved glasses with anything on it :) 15-20$ ex.:
:bulletpurple:Monster High GhouliaGhoulia glass engrave by angel99percent
Princess Celestia glass engrave by angel99percentPrincess Luna glass engrave by angel99percentZecora glass engrave by angel99percentChrysalis and Discord engraved by angel99percentMain 6 engraved glasses 3 by angel99percent
:bulletpurple:and many more :)

Monster high and Disney custom dolls ex.:

:bulletwhite: MH egyptian goddess Bastet MH Egyptian Goddess Bastet by angel99percent

:bulletwhite: MH Seth Ptolemy aka Pharaoh Monster High Pharaoh custom doll by angel99percent
:bulletwhite: Malee Raven daughter of Maleficent Malee Raven daughter of Maleficent by angel99percent
:bulletwhite: Whisp from MH 13 Whishes 13 Wishes Wisp custom by angel99percent
:bulletwhite:Cheshire Kitty from EAH Cheshire Kitty show accurate by angel99percent
:bulletwhite:Duchess Swan from EAH Duchess Swan show accurate by angel99percent
:bulletwhite:Elsa from Frozen Elsa form Frozen v2 custom by angel99percent
:bulletwhite:Emily from Corpse BrideEmily Corpse Bride v2 by angel99percent
:bulletwhite:Monatella Ghostier from MH ScarisMonatella Ghostier v2 glow in the dark by angel99percent
:bulletwhite:Hoodude Voodoo from MHHoodude Voodoo vol.2 custom made by angel99percent 
:bulletwhite:Jessica Rabbit from Who framed Roger Rabbit Jessica Rabbit MH version by angel99percent
:bulletwhite:Kida from Atlantis Disney Kida custom by angel99percent

:bulletwhite:Wydona Spider/Webarella from MHWebarella v2 by angel99percent
:bulletwhite:House for Venus McFlytrap from MH…

:bulletwhite: and many more ^^

Embroidered patches ex.:
:bulletyellow:Nightmare Rarity Nightmare Rarity embroidered patch by angel99percent
:bulletyellow:Flutterbat Flutterbat custom emroidered patch by angel99percent
:bulletyellow:Zecora's CM Zecora's CM embroidered patch by angel99percent
:bulletyellow:Zecora Zecora embridered patch by angel99percent
:bulletyellow:Princess Celestia Heart Princess Celectia embroidered patch by angel99percent
:bulletyellow:Rarity wet mane Rarity wet mane embroidered patch by angel99percent
:bulletyellow:Sleeping Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie embroidered patch by angel99percent
:bulletyellow:and many more :)

:bulletgreen: and other stuff ;) just ask :)

© 2014 - 2021 angel99percent
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HeartStorm4ever's avatar
How much is a custom Ever After High doll?
angel99percent's avatar
It depends on character you want
Send me pn with details what do you want to be done and I will give you price
KingZanderSanchez-i's avatar
1) Could I commission a brushable mane pony/filly of a "non-conventional" pony race (like bat ponies, or something like that)? 2) do you also do these commissions for EQG Mini dolls as well? 3) if I were to commission one of the 30-36 cm plushes, could I request a non-fabric mane for it similar to the Build-a-Bear Workshop ponies?
angel99percent's avatar
1) yes
2) yes
3) yes
KingZanderSanchez-i's avatar
Okay, that's awesome. I'll try to send you a few things for commission to get a price quote and work from there.
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
Out of curiosity, do you still make cube pony plushies? :?
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
Again, I'm just curious, no current plans on buying ---

Cube plushies are 40$ + shipping, right?

What's the selection? Like, could I chose from any of the plushies shown above, or do you also do OCs? :?
angel99percent's avatar
Hi sorry but I had renovation in my home and workshop so I just wasn't able to reply to everything.
I do also OC's, there is no problem with that :)
Rai-Knightshade's avatar
Do you do male doll customs?
angel99percent's avatar
here you can see for example MH Pharaoh…
Rai-Knightshade's avatar
I did see him, after commenting, but it's nice to have a refresher. ^^; I might keep you in mind then in case I ever want to have a custom doll made of one of my characters. :D
PoneBooth's avatar
Are these still open? I would love to get a few plushies?
angel99percent's avatar
Yes :)
PM me for details :)
theSongbird's avatar
I am interested in custom zelf centaurs ... price and payment method will determine how many. :-) I do very much like your work!
angel99percent's avatar
Lord-Shinnok's avatar
Do you uh do free commisions?.......
angel99percent's avatar
sorry but I don't do free commishions
Lord-Shinnok's avatar
well then while i go cry in a corner...........
UnstoppableQueen's avatar
Just to know, how much for a custom monster high doll?
angel99percent's avatar
depends on custom
PM me for details 
x-Darkie-x's avatar
How much for my villain oc, Fire Flare for chibi?…
anonymous's avatar
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