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Girls and dragons
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areat piece.
love how the dragon is wrapped around her staff and hand, gazing into her eyes, of which are glowing a magical blue.
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The appearance of the dragon that gives it a ghost like feel makes it a lot more arresting than if she had just been holding a flesh and blood dragon. It is very well done.
Amazing - really.    just.     amazing.
I see great power in her body as much as her magic; to look at many game settings, all users of magic are physically frail, but sometimes you do find one that looks like an adventurer. It's mostly young women though, you hardly see physically tough male mages.
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The details in this are just incredible, I love it!
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Hi. You're amazing! If you could take a quick second to answer this, you would honestly change my life: What do I physically need to do during practice, each day, to eventually be able to create something like this?

Can you please break down exactly what one extremely motivated beginner student would need to do, each & every day when he or she sits down to practice, in order to create these incredible photorealistic 2d digital drawing/paintings from my imagination?

I've been trying some stuff, but I still suck!! 

Can you please make me, like, a list?!!!! So I can then go out and explore those topics? Or at least tell me what I need to physically be doing with my practice time? 

If there's any books/DVDs/tutorials, please share!

Thank you for trying to help!

The best answer to this is simply to keep practicing. Observe, and try to sketch. Take pictures and study them. Once you get sketching down, learn about lighting effects in programs like Photoshop and Gimp. Above all, study anatomy. Use reference materials (DA has a lot of reference material available, just do a search!)
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Thank you so much, oh my god. Jim Gi said the same thing. "Observe very carefully + draw draw draw!!" So this is what you do? 
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Thank you, Couldn't have said it better myself! Like nachtsilence said. Just keep practicing. Best wishes to you, CapnNOMN  :)
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Can you please tell me what specifically I need to do to practice to get as good as you? Master drawing and shading first, before painting? THANK YOU!!!
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Hooly shit the details on that are beautiful
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your very talented!
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such a good sense of light! O.O awesome work!
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Not to state the obvious, but this is simply magic! The grey, Gothic background blends incredibly well with the blue shine of the dragon-spell-thingy :)

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One of my favorite combos! :)
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Boys and girls in scanty armour :iconohoho-plz:
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