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because dragonball... :P
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mapelieHobbyist General Artist
There should be a live action movie based on this.
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A Perfect Shirt For DBZ Fans! Limited Edition!

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I thought Gohan was Doctor Strange for a second, because of the cape. It's strange.
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dewott19557Student Digital Artist
real life
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HollowWraeytheHobbyist Writer
To me, Vegeta looks like Michael Fassbender...and I'm TOTALLY GOOD with that. Hehehehehehe!

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ThepenguinrapistHobbyist Writer
And the hollow cheeks totally work for his personality. He hungers for power, training to become stronger, and thus a lean, hungry look suits him well. 
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cavaloaladoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Fantastic gallery! Congratulations for the great work!
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DanleodenHobbyist Digital Artist
soooo awessommme
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Imperius-RexProfessional General Artist
This is one of the most bad ass Dragon Ball Z pictures ever made.
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xxReshiramxxStudent Traditional Artist
Nice work.
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Awesome job! I especially love the look of the eternal dragon!
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Cool :) Good job on this :D
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SweetJereHobbyist General Artist
holy dragon balls
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This picture is beyond words.
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You sir or mam are amazing thank you so Much for such a great piece of art
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cobalt2468Hobbyist General Artist
White-washing everywhere.CURSE YOU! 
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TimmyTrexHobbyist General Artist
They look Asian to me. I think you're seeing only what you want to see.
Loki-Kitten1985's avatar
I just want to know why it would be considered white washing, most of the characters in this picture are Saiyan or half Saiyan meaning not human so they don't have human races. Just because the cartoon was made in Japan it can't be assumed that they are all Japanese, I read somewhere that the Brief family is supposed to be either based on an American or European family. There will be characters that I will agree are more Asian like ChiChi, Krillin, and Tien. But I don't think every character is meant to be Asian especially since we don't know if the Saiyans were meant to look more Asian.
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supersayianfan1Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, The "They're not human, they're saiyan" argument. Yes they have human races, but not human NATIONALITIES. Bulma and her family are obviously white but are from "West" city, not America or any Europe country. They whole saiyan thing wasn't even introduced until 194 chapters into the manga. Despite my misspelled Deviantart username, I not the biggest dragon ball fan, I just call BS when I see it. If any saiyan was to be considered Asian it would be Goku. He wasn't a saiyan for then first 18 years of his life and for the first 4-5 years of the manga. Superman isn't from the Caucasus Mountains, but he is still know as white.
Loki-Kitten1985's avatar
I read rumors that Goku's Saiyan heritage was going to be revealed as early as the Piccolo Saga in Dragonball. And even if this rumor isn't true, it is still pretty obvious that Goku is not human. So why are we using human race analogies on a non human race? Honestly I don't care, I just wonder why this is such a big deal.
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ninjarioku Filmographer
Absolutely gorgeous!
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EuropeanJaguarStudent Digital Artist
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