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You, Me and the Bourgeoisie
Tuesday, October 20th
She was beautiful was the first thing I noticed about her. Sure, she didn't speak much or stand out but still she was beautiful. Kakashi-sensei had mentioned that we were getting a female transfer student from Tokyo and I had imagined those glitzy girls. You know the type that have perfectly curled hair, wore tons of make-up but managed to make it look natural , wore lots of sparkly jewelry, and were always on top of the latest trends. The girls here in Kansai always tried to mimic those girls but would come up short.
With this flashy girl image stuck in my head, when she walked in, you could say that the image shattered and was instantly replaced with her. I could feel my heart racing as I looked at her. Long flowing black hair, porcelain white skin, those lips that looked as though they had kissed a few. Oh and that body, smoking hot. And I haven't even mentioned the best part yet. Her eyes were like this light purple color, uh I think it's called lilac, maybe n
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Come back home by angel5411313 Come back home :iconangel5411313:angel5411313 0 0 After the storm by angel5411313 After the storm :iconangel5411313:angel5411313 221 23 Fever by angel5411313 Fever :iconangel5411313:angel5411313 73 6 So much love by angel5411313 So much love :iconangel5411313:angel5411313 227 13
Coffee shop soundtrack CH12
"How should we get them to start talking again? Seeing as, they haven't spoken in almost two months." Sakura questioned. She and Sasuke didn't usually eat in the classroom. Especially in my classroom and neither did Ino seeing as she didn't even have this class, at all. "Why don't we lock them in a closet!" Ino excitedly suggested.
Today would have to be described as possibly the most awkward day ever. Because it was raining outside, no one could eat on the roof, the only places to eat where either the cafeteria or a classroom. The cafeteria was overly crowded with no good seats left. So Kiba and I decided to eat in the biology classroom which was the class I had right before lunch. Unfortunately Naruto had the same idea so he and Kimura-san were also in here with us. And for a reason unknown to me Sasuke, Sakura and Ino came into the classroom too.
"Hello? Boyfriend of the girl your trying to lock in a closet sitting right here." Kiba stated whilst pointing at himself. We had started
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Odette vector by angel5411313 Odette vector :iconangel5411313:angel5411313 6 2 My Desktop by angel5411313 My Desktop :iconangel5411313:angel5411313 0 4 pinkie promise by angel5411313 pinkie promise :iconangel5411313:angel5411313 37 8
Coffee Shop Soundtrack CH11
It was a beautiful bright day. With few clouds and an extravagant blue sky. A peaceful day one could call it. Two people, a child and a man, sat observing the peacefulness of the garden in front of them
“Tell me again why you can’t just destroy the fox.” Asked a curious blue eyed blond seven year old. The man, Tetsuya, with green eyes and black long hair just sighed at the child’s question. The child, Naruto, had asked this question about once a week.
“Because the evil spirits need to be destroyed. If they aren’t they might kill your loved ones.” Tetsuya had used a different approach this time. Instead of just giving the facts he was trying to get the child to worry about protecting his friends.
The Blond child just gave a melancholic face. “I don’t have any loved ones.” He said bitterly. For a young child he had already experienced many depressing and heart wrenching things that took away some of his childish innocence.
Tetsuya tried t
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Naruhina Glomp by angel5411313 Naruhina Glomp :iconangel5411313:angel5411313 31 8 El Tango collab by angel5411313 El Tango collab :iconangel5411313:angel5411313 161 13 High life by angel5411313 High life :iconangel5411313:angel5411313 18 10


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But for now coffee shop soundtrack is on hiatus. This summer has been very rough for me. My aunt died in june and that was hard to get over

Then my cat has been very sick for we don't know how long. Well yesterday the doctor told us he had diabetes and his sugars were very high but they gave him medicine to bring it down and then they called us today to tell us that he has kidney failure and it's basically impossible to bring him back from that so we.Sorry, we had to put him to sleep and it was so horrible. His paws were cold, he could barely hold his head up and the jondis had set in. It was so horrible to watch. I cried harder than I did when my aunt died. I still can't stop crying. We only had him for 7 years. He was way to young to go.

And with all this lose I really can't feel the spark, I'm sorry to everyone that was staying up to date with me on CSS. I'm very very very sorry.


United States
Once again am I filling this empty space. And since I know most of you won't read this all I'm going to make this real simple.

Ashley | 17 | Chicago |


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