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Oh my gosh! This painting is so beautiful! That's a very nice OC too. :aww: The clouds in the sky are very realistic, they really blend in ...

That is some drawing. It reminds me of how I dream of adventure just like the boy in the drawing since I was a kid and I still do that ...

This is really moving and deep. And of course, it's so fantastic! The squatting pose the boy is making looks perfect. It's just like ho...

That's a really beautiful art, everything in this piece looks amazing. The sorceress looks lovely. I love the design of her dress and h...

Newest Deviations

Expect the Unexpected (Visual version)
:iconangel47093:Angel47093 5 2
Friendly Bee by Angel47093 Friendly Bee :iconangel47093:Angel47093 5 2 Super Raichu and Princess Pikachu by Angel47093 Super Raichu and Princess Pikachu :iconangel47093:Angel47093 16 6 Pokemon Medieval Fair by Angel47093 Pokemon Medieval Fair :iconangel47093:Angel47093 5 9
Expect the Unexpected
Lurking in shadows
Lie dim unhallowed visions
For darkness has eyes
Haunting their victims
That wander into the woods
There's no turning back
Darkness clouds the mind
Things are seldom what they seem
With the worst watching
:iconangel47093:Angel47093 4 11
What a 'Sweet' Treat
Each sweet treat eaten
comes the 'sweet' tingling.
Once they're taken too much,
it releases a 'wild' feeling.
:iconangel47093:Angel47093 2 0
A Pretensive Night
Outside where it's cold,
it leaves others in suspense.
For tonight, things will likely
get a lot more intense.
:iconangel47093:Angel47093 3 0
Animal Friends by Angel47093 Animal Friends :iconangel47093:Angel47093 6 3
TSTGwaBH: Chapter 2
Chapter 2 - The Collision of the Unexpected
It was still morning outside the yard at Professor Oak's lab. Everybody is having a great time in Angelica's birthday party. There are birthday messages for her, a lot of fun birthday games, and prizes to be given away. Angelica is filming the whole event with her video camera for her blog. She started recording it since the beginning of her party.
. . .
Right now, Ash is telling her about all of his adventures he had been on while Pikachu and Pichu are playing with the other Pokemon and kids. Angelica listened to his stories as they eat the delicious food from the birthday buffet, each story sounded even more better than the last one. The more she listens to him, the more she feels very excited about his journeys in the regions he traveled to.
"So you actually started your journey and traveled the world with Pikachu since day one?" she asked with curiosity.
"Yep, but we didn't have a good start at the very beginning."
"Really? What ha
:iconangel47093:Angel47093 1 0
Mermaid's Song (by The-Espresso-Cat) by Angel47093 Mermaid's Song (by The-Espresso-Cat) :iconangel47093:Angel47093 4 17
Zootopia OC: Valerie Clawford
Basic Information:
First Name: Valerie
Last Name: Clawford
Nickname: Val
Gender: Female
Birthdate: March 26
Age: 20
Species: Peach Cat
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Singer, fashion designer, artist, ZooTube vlogger

Fur Color:
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Paws and underbelly covered in white fur, cute face, beautiful eyes
Stature/Body Type: Slender
Weight: 76 lbs.
Height: 35 in.
Clothing: Mostly skirts, leggings and jackets (some of her clothes were made by her)

She is much of an ambivert, she's mostly friendly, confident, a bit outgoing, positive, and very helpful. She cares about others very much, especially her family and friends. With a smart mind, she can be clever, witty and resourceful at times.
Fears: Unconfidence, not
:iconangel47093:Angel47093 6 5
Disney Descendants OC: Fuchsia
Name: Fuchsia
Nickname: Fuse (Mal, Jay, Evie and Carlos gave her the nickname)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Disney Parent: Flora (Sleeping Beauty)
Appearance: Fair skin, brown eyes, long black hair mostly in a ponytail with or without a ribbon; sometimes she leaves her hair down, 5'4"
Personality: She used to be just like Jane due to being bullied in Auradon Prep; more shy and insecured than her, but also timid, naive, reserved, nervous and anxious. Now she's confident, outgoing, humble, friendly, helpful, sociable, feisty, sweet, optimistic and loving. Sometimes playful, with a hint of mischief, and childish.
Occupation: Designer for Evie's 4 Hearts
Home: Auradon
Relatives: None
Allies: Mal, Ben, Evie, Doug, Jay, Audrey, Lonnie, Carlos De Vil, Jane, Chad, Jordan, Ally, Freddie Facilier, Dizzy Tremaine, Felix (OC), Matthew (OC)
Enemies: Maleficent, CJ Hook, Zevon, Uma, Harry Hook, Gil
Likes: Magic, fashion, music, art, dancing, romance, helping others, giving others
:iconangel47093:Angel47093 2 0
Sylveon (by Yusiso) by Angel47093 Sylveon (by Yusiso) :iconangel47093:Angel47093 17 2 Rosita Matag (by Elissakarminakria) by Angel47093 Rosita Matag (by Elissakarminakria) :iconangel47093:Angel47093 9 7 Request (by CrazyPaintbrush) by Angel47093 Request (by CrazyPaintbrush) :iconangel47093:Angel47093 5 11 SweetoTOONS by Angel47093 SweetoTOONS :iconangel47093:Angel47093 5 3
Take a look around all of my art here. Hope you like it! 😉✌✨


Pokemon OC- July and dragonair by Quarbie Pokemon OC- July and dragonair :iconquarbie:Quarbie 44 2 The Eclipse by Ellysiumn The Eclipse :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,007 71 Commission duncte123 by Amethyst-Ocean Commission duncte123 :iconamethyst-ocean:Amethyst-Ocean 257 8 Aerlian by gracefulsunshine Aerlian :icongracefulsunshine:gracefulsunshine 150 26 Lin Beifong by Vulpes94 Lin Beifong :iconvulpes94:Vulpes94 139 17 Daily Paint 2187. Erminers by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2187. Erminers :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 2,344 48 VS Blue/Green Let's Go! by Yoje-chan VS Blue/Green Let's Go! :iconyoje-chan:Yoje-chan 53 6 N Wants to Battle by JuugonArt N Wants to Battle :iconjuugonart:JuugonArt 22 0 Sword Art Online - Kirito by Laovaan Sword Art Online - Kirito :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 632 13 Winter Demon by RasheruSuzie Winter Demon :iconrasherusuzie:RasheruSuzie 184 26 at || avericchi by LuminousLollipops at || avericchi :iconluminouslollipops:LuminousLollipops 35 12 Nostalgia by ghostchiryou Nostalgia :iconghostchiryou:ghostchiryou 246 33 Optimus and Servant by Koraru-san Optimus and Servant :iconkoraru-san:Koraru-san 43 61 Let's GO Pikachu! by retropiink Let's GO Pikachu! :iconretropiink:retropiink 21 1 Let's GO Eevee! by retropiink Let's GO Eevee! :iconretropiink:retropiink 41 1 Fly me to the moon by MoonRayCZ Fly me to the moon :iconmoonraycz:MoonRayCZ 60 6


Angel47093's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hey there! I'm a Christian, a self-taught artist and a Super Disney fan since toodlerhood. I love Disney, art, music, fashion, manga, anime, cartoons, and animated movies. :D

I wasn't allowed to show my art through Instagram in public. So when I heard about DeviantArt, I decided to share my art here and even get some ideas and inspiration from other deviations I browse to improve my art skills. Like all those cool art, stories, comics and characters you guys created! :lol:

Doing my art, and literature, keeps me occupied for most of my time. That's why I become more active on the internet when I don't go out more often. But, it helps me develop my skills and it gives me ideas for my own characters and stories. :aww:

Thank you for dropping by! I really appreciate it. :)… (Vlogs - COMING SOON)

I couldn't do that because I don't even have a tablet for digital art, a scanner for my traditional art, or more space where I can do my art. So, next time.
I haven't thought about it before, Art Trading isn't so bad. Maybe I'll save it for another day when I feel like doing it. When I get a new scanner, maybe next time I'll use it for my Art Trades too.
I lacked sleep for a few months because of my focus with my drawings. Once I finish with them, some requests I have to take care of and get enough sleep afterwards, I'll go back to doing new requests.

Disney Stamp by poserfan Disney Princess Stamp by SushiIcecream Disney Frozen Stamp by TwilightProwler Zootopia by clio-mokona still love disney by raspberryred 5 by Gore-Doll Philippains 4:13 Stamp by OptimusPower92

Journal History

Okay, something unusual just happened to me. For the past few weeks, I've been browsing a lot of RotG fanfics and read some of them after I read one because I love the movie so much. Unfortunately, my love for reading may or may not have made me neglect my sleeping hours thanks to that... Being new with the writer thing got into me. ^^;

I wasn't in the mood to write my first Canon x Reader/OC fanfic(s) yet. My experiences as a writer were probably not enough cause I don't wanna make some mistakes. So I saved the links to the RotG fanfics in my USB for next time when I have free time to write it, which I'll need to remember some stuff in the stories and give me inspiration for my RotG fanfic(s). That way, I'll work on my writing skills in the grammar. =P

After I finally finished it, I stumbled upon a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fanfic. The story in it was so cool, it gave me this idea to write a Reader Insert. Well the TMNT version I read is the sequel of the 2014 live-action version. Of course, the story takes place after the events of the Out of the Shadows movie because of Casey Jones being mentioned (I think).

Right now, I'm kinda bummed whether I would write my Reader Insert or not until after I finish some drawings cause I got into the story in the TMNT fanfic a lot. It's a bit hard, but my urge to writing a story is getting to me. I wanted to finish an unfinished drawing I've been struggling to continue, but I felt like I wanna write a Reader Insert now. Geez, I don't know what to do! This is like a tiny conflict between my drawing and my writing going on in my head! :nuu:

Now that I finished my browsing, I can finally go back to sleeping early. Might as well do so since... my reading got my energy a bit sluggish. :yawn:
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