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Victor X Victoria by angel3tears Victor X Victoria :iconangel3tears:angel3tears 0 2 Time to die he says by angel3tears Time to die he says :iconangel3tears:angel3tears 0 0 love foxy by angel3tears love foxy :iconangel3tears:angel3tears 1 0
ffb and me freddy faz bears
i lived in  manyland and i went to freddy fazbears and i got to see foxy and he was  so asome and i got to tuoch he all of them becuse my dad newthe oner to it so i got to talk to them wach i no yall are going to be like what but as yall no that they talk so i was like hi freddy and hi foxy and hi chica and hi bonnie the bunny and the sade hi to me and i was like sing a song and they did so i was like lits party and we did and that  was 2013 so i was 9 and foxy did not like when i was like foxy foxy foxy i wunit him to sing his song but that did nit wrok so i did was get up on stag and sady i will sing  foxy song so i did  but he did npt this song so i was like this the foxy song foxy foxyyyyy foxy song foxyy foxyyy this is his song and that night we laft i was like can i go to morrow my dad sad yes but for a haur and that was becuse my cuani was coming with us so we had to get back in time to go arter school so yea me and foxy was good freinds and yall meit sa
:iconangel3tears:angel3tears 0 0
angel x brandon by angel3tears angel x brandon :iconangel3tears:angel3tears 0 0 chole x  colin by angel3tears chole x colin :iconangel3tears:angel3tears 0 0 angel x brandon by angel3tears
Mature content
angel x brandon :iconangel3tears:angel3tears 0 1
maddy x james by angel3tears
Mature content
maddy x james :iconangel3tears:angel3tears 0 0
chole x  colin by angel3tears chole x colin :iconangel3tears:angel3tears 0 6 angel x brandon by angel3tears
Mature content
angel x brandon :iconangel3tears:angel3tears 0 0
chole x  colin by angel3tears
Mature content
chole x colin :iconangel3tears:angel3tears 0 0
angel x brandon by angel3tears angel x brandon :iconangel3tears:angel3tears 0 2 angel x brandon by angel3tears
Mature content
angel x brandon :iconangel3tears:angel3tears 0 0
angel x brandon by angel3tears angel x brandon :iconangel3tears:angel3tears 0 0 angel x brandon by angel3tears
Mature content
angel x brandon :iconangel3tears:angel3tears 0 0
angel x brandon by angel3tears
Mature content
angel x brandon :iconangel3tears:angel3tears 0 0
ii i sdsferw


Loooong Fallout New Vegas Meme by glittermiilk Loooong Fallout New Vegas Meme :iconglittermiilk:glittermiilk 277 111 {Fallout 3 - Fanart}  ~Enclave Autumn and Eden~ by DrDiscordedWhooves {Fallout 3 - Fanart} ~Enclave Autumn and Eden~ :icondrdiscordedwhooves:DrDiscordedWhooves 11 7 Dusky (Toy Dusk) FNAF2 by DrDiscordedWhooves Dusky (Toy Dusk) FNAF2 :icondrdiscordedwhooves:DrDiscordedWhooves 1 0
Foxy x reader
You're friends dared you to go into Freddy Fazbear's pizza at night. They dared you to go in after they heard rumors of the animatronics moving on their own at night. The plan was to wait until the security guard arrived and sneak in with them. Your dare was to stay in the building until 6 am. Currently it was exactly 11:50. You stood leaned against the building as you saw a car park in the parking lot. You watched intently as he walked to the building. You moved swiftly behind as he unlocked the door and let it carelessly close on it's own without turning back. After the security guard walked out of sight you looked around for one of your favorite animatronics, Foxy. You never knew why he was your favorite but, you felt you had a connection with him somehow. You knew he lingered by the closed Pirate Cove. You approached the curtains with cautions taking small steps out of fear of not knowing what would happen. You saw a familiar worn down fox peek his head out. He took one look at you
:iconrena365:Rena365 413 168
New Bonnie in the Vents (FNAF2) by FreddyTheFazbear New Bonnie in the Vents (FNAF2) :iconfreddythefazbear:FreddyTheFazbear 14 13 Foxy's Lament by KSapphire8989 Foxy's Lament :iconksapphire8989:KSapphire8989 119 46 MMD Freddy FNAF [DL] by roze11san MMD Freddy FNAF [DL] :iconroze11san:roze11san 287 75 FNaF: Unlucky Rabbit by firepaw119 FNaF: Unlucky Rabbit :iconfirepaw119:firepaw119 12 11 FNaF: Bad Pizza Joke by Stitchlovergirl96 FNaF: Bad Pizza Joke :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 192 84
Mechanical Hearts- Prologue (FNaF Reader Insert)
This was it. Today was the day that your life began! Admittedly, it was a groggy morning and a slow afternoon due to a late-night gaming session, but today was the day! You had packed your bags the night before: Two bags full of clothes, equipment, and your comforts from home. You checked, double-checked, and then triple-checked the contents. Your new job started today, the first job you'd ever had (other than an embarassing stint as a server in order to pay for a few video games once.)
You were fresh from college, a young mind now well-versed in the workings of all things mechanical and computerized. Ever since you were young, you'd always held a fascination of anything you could take apart. At first, it had been pens and small plastic toys when you were young, but you moved on to more complicated toys and small appliances as you grew older. It seemed you had a natural talent for disassembling something and finding the problems within. So with your parents' help and funding, you had s
:iconchibialchemist3:chibialchemist3 252 19
FNaF- Night 8
You jump as the office phone rings, the last time it wrung the only sounds that came out were a garbled mess of noise and static.
“Hello? Yeah you don’t know me but I've heard about you, congrats on making it past night 6, well done you've pissed the bear off for surviving this long. As you learned from the previous caller most security guards don’t make it past night 4”. An actual human voice, a woman. You can’t believe your ears how did she get this number? And why was she phoning?
She sighs “I shouldn't be calling you really, It’s kind of like I’m betraying them… but he’s waking up more of the animatronics to stop you from this night onward and I personally know one of them. I used to work at Fazbear’s, I was what used to be called a handler or quote on quote “friend of Freddy’s” my name is Liz I was fired just like Keith for defending the animatronic when it malfunctioned and caused somebody harm, n
:iconhammyhammy22:hammyhammy22 48 17
Going to make Fnaf comic. by SilverBaze Going to make Fnaf comic. :iconsilverbaze:SilverBaze 70 12 FNaF: It's a Secret by Stitchlovergirl96 FNaF: It's a Secret :iconstitchlovergirl96:Stitchlovergirl96 240 99 ~Night Cipher~ by DrDiscordedWhooves ~Night Cipher~ :icondrdiscordedwhooves:DrDiscordedWhooves 1 0


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 i live in manyland  in 2013 and i when to freddy fazbears  and i went to freddy fazbears  and my dad new the onwer of  freddys so me and my cosin chloe went in foxy cove and we sary foxy the fox and  we talked to him and chloe went to see freddy and i was like foxy do you what  to be my freind yes or no i sad and he sad shore and we was freind ses thin and e spit up when i had to go to va so that was bad but me and foxy was good freind and chloe and freddy was good freind and when e laif me and chloe had  a good time is manyland  

haveing fun with chloe now 


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United States
I can fly, and have a 3 tattoo on my shoulder and neck. I also have little tattoos of tears in many parts of me.


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