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Yin Cosplay by Angel2882 Yin Cosplay :iconangel2882:Angel2882 0 0
If No One Ever Marries Me
Flora was having a particularly bad day. While filling the tub for her morning bath she had accidentally shattered a jar of Epson salts. As afternoon approached she ran into an antique coffee table and tore a hole in her stockings. Later, an unsightly bruise appeared. By two pm she had confined herself to her room.
Layton had watched the storm brew, unable to do anything to stop it. He waited a while—finished the dishes and tidied a little—then he followed her.
“May I ask what’s the matter?”
Flora rolled to face him. She had been crying. “No one will ever want to marry me, professor! I’m clumsy and I can’t even cook. I’d make a terrible wife.” And with this she grimaced again, giving a few more tears. Layton drew back, surprised at her train of thought.
“Flora my dear, I certainly don’t think that is something you need you worry about at your age.” She didn’t say anything. She just pursed her lips to wa
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Colette and Lloyd: On Hot Chocolate
Boiled water sang from the stove. Alerted, Colette hopped to her feet and knocked elbow on the heavy wooden table. “Ow!”
“I can do it, sit back down,” Lloyd hurried past her, tapping her on the shoulder. Colette hesitated, waiting to see him retrieve the glass jar full of dark powder. He seemed to know what he was doing. Resigned, Colette pulled her chair out a little further and settled down again, addressing her wounded arm.
“Thanks for making hot chocolate for me Lloyd. It’s too bad Genis didn’t come.”
“Hey, it’s the only thing that makes the dead of winter bearable. I’m doing it because I want to! And Genis just likes work too much.”
Colette laughed under her breath. She liked work too, but she also liked well-deserved breaks. And hot chocolate.
“Alright… here.” Two mugs were cradled in Lloyd’s hands. A spoon protruded from them both. He put them down on the table and settled into a sea
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I can't imagine things going much better than they are on this one!

On my second trip out I managed to find an amazing dress to make Melina's outfit. It was huge I tell you, huge, but alterations are the one thing I'm actually good at when it comes to sewing. In addition to that purchase, we found some pink slippers and a sleeveless white turtleneck. I dug up my own purple tights and an exhausting trip to Fabricland procured everything else we need to finish it off!

Did I say everything? I meant everything EXCEPT thread. Yeah.

My Janice outfit is going just as swimmingly. My sister and I found the perfect pair of shoes for the outfit, and, admittedly, I have to try them on every time I walk by them. The dress is nearly finished--all I need to do is hem and sew up the sleeves then add the stripe and the trim. I'm so excited for when my wig comes in.

Emmy's outfit proceeds likewise, though slightly slower considering my friend who's doing the shopping is quite busy this time of year. And I'm so paranoid about working on it without having her there. I mean, how is she supposed to try it on ever thirty seconds if she's not there?! But I digress. That one involves the least amount of work anyway.


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