Would you enter my new contest if.......
72 votes
It involes dragons
It involes wolves
It involes unicorns
It involes wolfmaiden (check my gallery)
It involes Butterflies
It involes Anything Fantasy
Other - (please comment)
NO - Lack time/Just don't do contests
Would just support the contest

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daYavuz's avatar
It needs to be 'anything fantastic'...I cannot draw anything recognizable. :hmm:
angel-wolfmaiden's avatar
Well i shall be holding 2 different contests...one freelance with a basic subject...and the other for people to draw my OCs.
Kokako's avatar
lol I would condider any of the animal options, maybe it should just be a fantasy creature contest
angel-wolfmaiden's avatar
Thank i was thinking....But i was thinking more of MY fantasy OC being done. I have many..i would just have to post a bunch of them.......
Graphit-e's avatar
KyT3m's avatar
i would try my best to enter no matter what :3
but, if it involved animals i may not be able to [i can't draw animals] > . <
angel-wolfmaiden's avatar
You can do animals! You did my little icon! you can do one :cheer: Well its still under debate what i'm choosing...just keep an eye on my journal!
frankman's avatar
I'd say dragons :bucktooth:
angel-wolfmaiden's avatar
Whoot! It looking like it maybe dragons~
cepums's avatar
i would enter it if it would have a whide theme.. something that lets the imagination soar :) something that makes me ponder before i draw.. not just a contest of who draws the pretyest fairy in high-heals :)
angel-wolfmaiden's avatar
xChaoticCrisisx's avatar
:3 i would enter anyways.
DorianStretton's avatar
I couldn't actually enter a contest since I can't even draw stick figures accurately! :D
angel-wolfmaiden's avatar
Then you would be a supporter!
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