I want to switch Account names. Do you think i should to something to more ME?
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You should aslo consider some things before changing account sweetie. First, you number of pageviews (yeah, for some people, that metters) and second, the fact that you are known as the username you have now. If starting all over again doesn't bother you than go for it ! Make it more personnal !

But I think you're subcribed here. Maybe it'll be also wiser to wait until the end of the subcription or maybe you can transfer your subcription to your new account ?
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Subscriptions can be transfer over to new accounts. Pageviews don't mater to me. I know how to gain PV them fast if really needed. And it is for Personal reason. I need to be happy. And to be happy i need to be me. I have lost a lot of thing that were very close to me over the years. And it to the point were i'm just a hermit that works a lot.

i have no social life in real. I really depressing i think. I'm trying my hardest to change all that. And first start it to find something That is mine, And be happy with it. This account name was chosen by a friend due to some bull crap a few years ago. My ex-girlfriend cause all the trouble. I been happy on the account and been through alot. But now it time for be to show who i really am. But i want to make sure its the right time now.
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If changing account pleases you, than, go for it honey. I'll still watch you.
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