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SO after a while i finally made up my mind on the winners! IT was really tough for some spots and with the help of 5 people who are not on DA My mind was made. I can't afford to give everyone a prize(partly because i'm moving), but everyone is getting something out ot it! with out farther ado here are the winners:

IN 11th place:
contest: angel-wolfmaiden. by heroic-moose - :iconheroic-moose:
Very sweetly done in a doll like style, Moose portrayed Lupei in a very faddish way. Expression on the face is just beautiful and the simple bright were perfect.
the most epic heroic moose EVR by heroic-moose wristcutters: a fan art. by heroic-moose chuckles by heroic-moose trade: killian. by heroic-moose contest: pkmn trainer me. by heroic-moose
In 10th place:
Hibiki the Dragon by LatteQueen - :iconlattequeen:
A very cute style, and a good expression with a sharpie and pencil crayon. She better kn ow for her vector and photo minips, She takes a crack at something new. Very cartoon and just adorable Queen show a great point, Anyone can do anything if you give it a try!
OrangeLand.. by LatteQueen Night Fairy by LatteQueen Swirly by LatteQueen Purple Apple by LatteQueen City by LatteQueen
In 9th place:
Diana and Lupei Color by approachthebottle - :iconapproachthebottle:
WIP: approachthebottle.deviantart.c…
Doing a great job show Dianna power over Lupei, and a great great on view point. This image was well portrait as in my mind! The simple style with a splash of color only give the idea of what is going on!
:thumb104068515: A.F.I. Concert Poster by approachthebottle:thumb110667438: Fair Katrina by approachthebottle:thumb111724191:
In 8th place:
:thumb109450151: wolfmaid by zeta-eta:thumb109451558: - :iconzeta-eta:
The simple style of all 3 work kinda remind me of Wind Waker. Lots of detail with simple shapes and bright colors. She did a good job on Making them look like a story. She know more for photographs, but can tell she love to pick up a pencil and draw with her own 2 hands.
:thumb111990302: Beauty and the Beach by zeta-eta Orchid Dew by zeta-eta Duo by zeta-eta the sun goes down by zeta-eta
In 7th place:
OC  Contest by herdiaz - :iconherdiaz:
This digital traditional mix show a fiery power of Dianna. The effect in the image was really well done and the chain just add the power and grace of the over all.
camino by herdiaz esras by herdiaz griest by herdiaz natalya by herdiaz Euri in her old home by herdiaz
In 6th place:
Dianna - Final version by SunRoamer - :iconsunroamer:
The paint job on this is very well done, But i giggle at it a little to. The way she did the face and hair it look more like Dianna's little Sister Moanna. And very well done. I never put a ref of Moanna in my DA gallery and thats what made it funny. The expression is very well done. and i love the effect of the eyes!
Last Hope by SunRoamer The Lighthouse by SunRoamer Papua hunter by SunRoamer Maneki neko by SunRoamer Canyon by SunRoamer
In 5th place:
Hibiki by hyrohiku - :iconhyrohiku:
This is one of the most intresting depictions i have ever seen of Hibiki. The painting is well done with th shading and highlights. The expression of the face is nice too. It simple and yet lots of movement.
Pirate exorcism by hyrohiku Naruto's Curse by hyrohiku A Flying Thing by hyrohiku Sakura War by hyrohiku The falling pearl by hyrohiku
In 4th place:
Its a tie!
lupei chan by shiroi-kishi - :iconshiroi-kishi:
A wonderful Portrait of her done up. the life in her eye really bring out the life in this image. Crisp lines and lots of movement in the fingers and soft coloured background make this excellent work!
jeramii at the ekka by procrastinatorese
- :iconprocrastinatorese:
An interesting outlook on Lupei. I really taken a likings to the style. the blurred image make me feel like i'm just waking up, and the crisp version just show how much work they have up on the image! The colors are well chosen.
I love batik by shiroi-kishi thanks for 100 watchers by shiroi-kishi loveless happy new year 2009 by shiroi-kishi masked lady by shiroi-kishi the crow by shiroi-kishi
In 3rd place:
A 3 way tie! I just could no make up my mind on which should of been, so i looked at my books and said i will just have to skip on those manga books i wanted intill march!
Lupei Tenchi Kitsune by FoxyKitsuChan - :iconfoxykitsuchan:
Foxy did a super job on the dreamy look of Lupei, and well shown off on how tiny she is, The colors were nicely done and the simple detail brings it to life!
Killua-I'm not an angel by FoxyKitsuChan broken angel colour pencils by FoxyKitsuChan Child and Butterfly by FoxyKitsuChan Aria Shachou by FoxyKitsuChan Baby Kitchuu by FoxyKitsuChan
Lupei by Gunyuu - :icongunyuu:
Gunyuu Cute image of h er in a grave yard was just perfect. The mist effect makes it kinda eerie but her clam look just show she don't care it you are there.
Semi-Rea by Gunyuu Lets_Draw_Manga_COVER by Gunyuu Fireworks by Gunyuu Chinese New Year by Gunyuu Can't take the sky by Gunyuu
:thumb108332752: - :iconlacerationvalentine:
Valentine image really impress me because it looks like a young Dianna growing up in nothing but death. The water color effect is really well done and skull and spider legs were just plain creepy!
Hannibal and Clarice by LacerationValentine:thumb106351009::thumb107144561::thumb108332752::thumb106453995:
In 2nd place:

Mature Content

Diana - Sheep Demon by Terrible-Doll
- :iconterrible-doll:
I'm not going to lie, this probably one of the best "fan art" (If there another word please tell me) I have ever seen of Dianna. The textures and pose really bring out a lot in the character and the color give it alot of life. Terrible even just use her original outfit which i designed. The shading and highlights is just beautiful.
Fortune teller by Terrible-Doll Romantic night by Terrible-Doll Mini_color_contest_5 by Terrible-Doll Deep Sea by Terrible-Doll Inner Demon by Terrible-Doll
And finally our grand winner:
In first place:
Angel-wolfmaiden's contest by tanko - :icontanko:
Tanko color texture and doing all 3 girls make this my choice of the winner. The pose of Dianna is very sweet and Lupei on top relaxing Was just well done! But adding Kimmy (who i mentioned in Dianna's description) Just blew me right away. Tanko added in there own touch and make this truly a beautiful image.
Pyrros -  for Goldenfire124 by tanko SW - Noah for Ptiyokai by tanko Yume by tanko Commission for AlenaVaye by tanko Commission for Alexagirlie by tanko

I would like to thank everyone for entering the contest i will contact everyone by note. I say this now, If i disappear for a really long time chances are in going in and out of the hospital. I'm going through some problem and i was told my liver is all inflamed and maybe shutting down, would also explain why i'm always so sick. I'm seeing a lot of doctors right now and is scared out of my wits! I currently do not have an internet connection but i will appear online from my mother house at least once a week. I will make a side journal of my working art list!

© 2009 - 2021 angel-wolfmaiden
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approachthebottle's avatar
Thank you for the contest.

I'm so sorry about your health. Rest, try to distract yourself. I hope you get better soon.
angel-wolfmaiden's avatar
You're Welcome.

I hope i get better to. I really hate being sick.
shiroi-kishi's avatar
oh, my lupei fanart [link] couldn't even make it to the 11th :crying:

but its alrite, cause I enjoy drawing your OC :D

and hope you get well soon :hug:
angel-wolfmaiden's avatar
Sorry that was an oppsie there you got 4th
shiroi-kishi's avatar
herdiaz's avatar
wow, great ilustrations.
and I am in 7th, great,thanks.
thanks for the contest
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velcrum's avatar
Congrarts To The Winners ^_^
velcrum's avatar
My Favorite Was Number 8 I Think ^_^
tanko's avatar
Thank you so much for the kind words and for the first prize. :love:

Congratulations to everybody, it's always very interesting to see the same characters in various depictions, I enjoyed your work a lot too.

Sounds hard to chose, I always think about it when I take part in contests.

Get better soon and don't overwork yourself.
angel-wolfmaiden's avatar
zeta-eta's avatar
ahahaha.. i'm the 8th.. :giggle:
o-kiyone-o's avatar
best if luck with your move! hope you got some good doctors on your case *sends healing vibes*
angel-wolfmaiden's avatar
FoxyKitsuChan's avatar
3rd.. 3 way Tie.. well.. ^^;
Great!!!~~ THanks for the contest..

And get well Soon :)

:hug: :glomp:
angel-wolfmaiden's avatar
You're Welcome and Thank you~
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