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Tigercloud Vores some Tinies - Coloured

WARNING/ATTENTION: This Deviation contains Vore, Nudity, Religious and Giantess related material. If you don't like it, feel offended or whatever don't take a look at it!

My Character found some tinies and decided to eat them...

Just want to try do colour (also for an better Avatar) so I tried to colour this image from yesterday on my computer and get this result... I hope you like it. You can also tell me what I can do better with colouring etc... I'm really new to this colouring stuff^^;

I'm also very thankful to :iconmadamemaeve: for making a Gift for me, this was so kind of you Aika Emoji-05/Blush I never received a Gift from an great Artist, on that I look up, thanks again for it Aika Emoji-04/Kyaaa! 

Her 3D Tigercloud looks really cute, check her out here <3

Edit: I changed the Skin-Tone, since the contrast of my Monitor was wrong and I saw the colours different than they are... Now the Skin got +10 contrast, that's the value that was previously wrong on my monitor  ^^' (And my Monitor has now also the correct Settings xD)

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Plushtrap04's avatar
I’d WANT to be in there
Angel-Tigercloud's avatar
Glad you think so x3 - I bet she sure want you in there as well~
Plushtrap04's avatar
:3 I’ll be happy to take that offer
Angel-Tigercloud's avatar
Awesome x3 More snacks for her <3