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- W E L C O M E -

This group is meant to be a casual, laid back rp group for our closed species called AnSi. It's mostly for people who own AnSi and wish to use them for anything from casual to deep RPs.

Even if you own AnSi but do not interested with rp can join here as well. You can also submit your AnSi arts here.

For more info about AnSi, click the journal below:
Closed Species: AnSiA short form of angel sinners. 
They were once angels who lived peacefully in the heaven. Originally, they were known as warriors in the angel world. They fight the evil and they perish it. They have been trained to fight since they were young. 

Some humans believe angels and demons exist and some don't. However, these beings already exist since the beginning of the world and they exist to test the humans whether they deserve to live in heaven or hell in the afterlife.
Angels are born to protect and guide humans so they must be as pure as snow. But of course, no one can be perfect.
"When the pure is tainted with sins, they need to cleanse it by repaying them with punishment."
Sinful angels are banned to go to the heaven and they have been cast out to human world due to their unforgivable sins. Their wings even got ripped off in order to prevent them from going back and they are forced to face their d

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. S T O R Y .
You, as the new AnSi that was just been casted out from heaven has nowhere to go. Living as an immortal being in the human world makes you feel having butterflies in your stomach. You want to go back to your former self; to fly around with freedom and no limits, to fight in battles and to not feel drained as your energy fades away slowly. You feel like a human except for the weapon on your head. That is the only thing that keep you feel like your old life.

Suddenly an envelope appears out of nowhere and it lands softly like a feather on the palm of your dominant hand. You noticed your name is written on the surface of the white envelope. You opened it, inside the envelope, there was a golden key and a piece of paper. You read the piece of paper: there is an organization that was meant for fallen angels. After reading the guidance inside the paper, you didn't hesitate to summon a door with the key and walks in.

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. G E N R E .
Supernatural - Fantasy - Action

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- S T A T U S -


Why joining?
We will hold multiple contests that are related with our closed species concept and you will get reward for that!






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