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Jessica Lennon
United States
Current Residence: LA
Favourite genre of music: Punk,pop
Favourite photographer: My mom
Favourite style of art: I dunno
Operating System: windows 2000
MP3 player of choice: I dunno
Shell of choice: I dunno
Wallpaper of choice: David Boreanaz
Skin of choice: I dunno
Favourite cartoon character: Tweety
Personal Quote: let there be peace through out the world
"Gothic is a very obscure and often dangerous culture that young teenagers are prone to participating in. The gothic culture leads young, susceptible minds into an imagined world of evil, darkness, and violence. Please seek immediate attention through counselling, prayer, and parental guidance to rid your child of Satan's temptations if five or more of the following are applicable to your child:

Put an X next to things that apply to you, a + next to things that sometimes apply to you and a - by the things that don't apply to you at all.

[+]Frequently wears black clothing. (I don't care...)

[-]Wears band and/or rock t-shirts.

[-]Wears excessive black eye makeup, lipstick, or nailpolish.

[-]Wears any odd, silver jewelry or symbols. Some of these include: reversed crosses, pentagrams, pentacles, ankhs or various other Satanic worshipping symbols.

[X]Shows an interest in piercings or tattoos.

[-]Listens to gothic or any other anti-social genres of music. (Marilyn Manson claims to be the Anti-Christ, and publicly speaks against the Lord. Please discard any such albums IMMEDIATELY.) *i dunno Oo*

[-]Associates with other people that dress, act or speak eccentrically.

[+]Shows a declining interest in wholesome activities, such as: the Bible, prayer, church or sports. (Sports not bible or prayer or church...)

[-]Shows an increasing interest in death, vampires, magic, the occult, witchcraft or anything else that involves Satan. (I'm not that into fantasy!)

[-]Takes drugs.

[-]Drinks alcohol. *used to Oo;;*

[+]Is suicidal and/or depressed.

[-]Cuts, burns or partakes in any other method of self-mutilation.
This is a Satanic ritual that uses pain to detract from the light of God and His love. Please seek immediate attention for this at your local mental health center.

[+]Complains of boredom.

[+]Sleeps too excessively or too little. (Sleeping alot on weekends is wrong?)

[-]Is excessively awake during the night.

[-]Dislikes sunlight or any other form of light. This pertains to vampires promoting the idea that His light is of no use.

[+]Demands an unusual amount of privacy.

[+]Spends large amounts of time alone.

[-]Requests time alone and quietness. This is so that your child may speak to evil sprits through meditation.

[+]Insists on spending time with friends while unaccompanied by an adult

[-]Disregards authority figures; teachers, priests, nuns and elders are but a few examples of this.

[-]Misbehaves at school.

[+]Misbehaves at home.

[+]Eats excessively or too little. *eats too little XD*

[-]Eats goth-related foods. Count Chocula cereal is an example of this.

[+]Drinks blood or expresses an interest in drinking blood *my own * (jk)

[x]Watches cable television or any other corrupted media sources. Ask your local church for proper programs that your child may watch. (Y TV is bad?)

[-]Plays videos games that contains violence or role-playing nature.

[+]Uses the internet excessively and frequently makes time for the computer.

[-]Makes Satanic symbols and/or violently shakes head to music.

[-]Dances to music in a provocative or sexual manner.

[-]Expresses an interest in sex.

[-]Is homosexual and/or bisexual.

[-]Pursues dangerous cult religions. Such include: Satanism, Scientology, Philosophy, Paganism, Wicca, Hinduism and Buddhism

[-]Wears pins, stickers or anything else that contains these various phrases: "I'm so gothic, I'm dead", "Woe is me", or "I'm a goth".

[-]Claims to be a goth.

If five or more of these apply to your child, please intervene immediately. The gothic culture is dangerous and Satan thrives within it. If any of these problems persist, enlist your child into your local mental health center.
~St. Mary's Catholic Church"

(to the above church... )



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