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~Wah interesting...

Wed Jun 22, 2005, 3:28 AM
Well then this is quite funny, didnt actually think i would get a sub but hey im liking it xD

Wow, its pretty neat, even though its a trial xP
man i wish i could get some money to actually get a real one lol unfortunately i cant XD;; which is kinda sucky but eh anyways, thats life ne? would be pretty surprising if i saw one of my friends pay for a subscription for me O.o;; no really it would, they have no money either XD;;

Aw well we all are in the same boat i guess, better that then be alone in that little boat, gets kinda lonely in there lol

Well onward to more interesting things like, what the heck i am up to lately. Well right now i have been either
1) Playing RO
2) Replying and helping people on my Forum which is also about RO
3) Trying to find inspiration for new drawings
4) REALLLY wanting art from friends to test out my CGing skills [which in my mind really Really suck and i need more practice xD]
5) Getting excited cause its summer already
6) Getting more excited because my bf is gonna spend the summer with me at mai house cause he lives so freaking far away xD;;
7) Getting ready for my birthday [which is in august, and i know its far away so dont call me a freak xP but i still plan early, still dunno what i wanna do but i must say its my 18th birthday lol so really... i Really dont know what to do XD;; mind passing me some ideas? lol]
8) Worrying about the future [yeah who doesnt? Lol im just doing it moreso now because a hell of alot of things are happening WAY too fast ^^';;]
9) All other normal things to think, worry about, be happy about, ect.

Not too long of a list but thats what i have been up too =x not really that busy but i do feel happy either way. But i probably Will be busy in the next few weeks for planing of everything and such, lol wow so much to do so little time. I think i heard that quote way too much i should make my own that is identical to it but doesnt contain the same words xD; ok now im just going way off topic here oh well lol

I will just enjoy this for as long as it will last teehehe, well lets all just hope i have something new to submit within the next month XD;; myah! (i should go to sleep now >>; lol yep.. that i will then)
Bai bai <3~

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Yeah im still here, just have been busy and trying to get ideas for new things, lately i have been working on my CGing skills and i would say things arent so bad. I have been getting the hang of using different ways on CGing pictures and i have been using my friends drawings as base outlines for me to use in my CGing. Only because i want to see if i can CG in different styles >>; well anyways thats pretty much it. Other than that i would give a big thank you to the friends that let me use their outlines as tests for me. <3~
Happy New Year everyone!, it is now 2005 for most places around the world and will be soon enough for the others ^^ I wish the best for all of you this year and hope to see many nice drawings from you all too XD <3
Mwee-ry Christmas everyone ^^ i wish you lots of cookies and candy and food xP and love and peace =x and soo much more, oh oh and Laughter ^^ so i bring to you this…

Enjoy xD <3~

(Mwee is a thing i say xP quite often actually, lol.. but im sure you all know it reeallly means Merry Christmas xD just in my own special way ^^ )
Lol well im still here <.<;; amazing really o.o;; i never cease to amaze myself xD welllll so you know how i am feeling atm go here... >.>;;; &… xD
Hm i always wrote things in my Xanga site so i found writing in this kinda useless ^^;; well unless i wanted to describe something >.>;;
School is pretty evil and its so soon, sadened by the fact that there will be less time spent with my long distance friends and more time with people that i cant stand. Hopefully in a twist of fate things will come out to be not too bad. Hehe.. i should write more journal entrees often just for the hell of it, being random or normal ^^
Lol anyways enough of my rambling, im sure you wouldent want to hear it anyways xP
*Fades in the midst among a shimmering light* >.>! Mwee <3!