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Free Dive to the Future: Hisoka Kanazaki by Angel-Angel-1 Free Dive to the Future: Hisoka Kanazaki :iconangel-angel-1:Angel-Angel-1 12 9 HQ: Let's take a Selfi ( Matsukawa X Okuda ) by Angel-Angel-1 HQ: Let's take a Selfi ( Matsukawa X Okuda ) :iconangel-angel-1:Angel-Angel-1 16 13 ( Move Ahead and never look back) Iwasaki Sawako by Angel-Angel-1 ( Move Ahead and never look back) Iwasaki Sawako :iconangel-angel-1:Angel-Angel-1 4 4 ( True hero ) Wan Shizuka aesthetic by Angel-Angel-1 ( True hero ) Wan Shizuka aesthetic :iconangel-angel-1:Angel-Angel-1 5 2 (Sweet and gentle ) Haruhi Chouko Aesthetic by Angel-Angel-1 (Sweet and gentle ) Haruhi Chouko Aesthetic :iconangel-angel-1:Angel-Angel-1 5 9 ( You can't define me) Tatsuki Miyamoto  Aesthetic by Angel-Angel-1 ( You can't define me) Tatsuki Miyamoto Aesthetic :iconangel-angel-1:Angel-Angel-1 6 9 ( Don't hold back ) Kato Michiko Aesthetic by Angel-Angel-1 ( Don't hold back ) Kato Michiko Aesthetic :iconangel-angel-1:Angel-Angel-1 5 8 Knb Oc: Chino Arisa ( Head shoot) PC by Angel-Angel-1 Knb Oc: Chino Arisa ( Head shoot) PC :iconangel-angel-1:Angel-Angel-1 6 2 B-Day Gift: AkaDin by Angel-Angel-1 B-Day Gift: AkaDin :iconangel-angel-1:Angel-Angel-1 12 14 KNB OC: Sawako Iwasaki ( Head shoot ) by Angel-Angel-1 KNB OC: Sawako Iwasaki ( Head shoot ) :iconangel-angel-1:Angel-Angel-1 6 3 Haikyuu OC: Yurika Tori ( Headshoot ) by Angel-Angel-1 Haikyuu OC: Yurika Tori ( Headshoot ) :iconangel-angel-1:Angel-Angel-1 8 7 Kuroko no SD: Friendly little match by Angel-Angel-1 Kuroko no SD: Friendly little match :iconangel-angel-1:Angel-Angel-1 11 7 Free ES Oc Jun Kanzaki by Angel-Angel-1 Free ES Oc Jun Kanzaki :iconangel-angel-1:Angel-Angel-1 17 13 haikyuu: Ennoshita X Oc by Angel-Angel-1 haikyuu: Ennoshita X Oc :iconangel-angel-1:Angel-Angel-1 7 4 Free OC card: Jun Kanzaki by Angel-Angel-1 Free OC card: Jun Kanzaki :iconangel-angel-1:Angel-Angel-1 15 11 B-Day Gift: Yahaba X Chinatsu by Angel-Angel-1 B-Day Gift: Yahaba X Chinatsu :iconangel-angel-1:Angel-Angel-1 17 8


Mystic Messenger - Template Pack - UPDATED by queen-val Mystic Messenger - Template Pack - UPDATED :iconqueen-val:queen-val 148 18 [CM] EmiRukiway (1/3) by TPHJ [CM] EmiRukiway (1/3) :icontphj:TPHJ 5 4 [Art-Trade] Dance Session by Saekira [Art-Trade] Dance Session :iconsaekira:Saekira 32 11 [F2U] Mystic Messenger Character Template by Avistella [F2U] Mystic Messenger Character Template :iconavistella:Avistella 664 196 [MM] The real reset by Solchan [MM] The real reset :iconsolchan:Solchan 213 31 [Free! OC] Suzume Kaminashi by Jixelioz [Free! OC] Suzume Kaminashi :iconjixelioz:Jixelioz 30 17 Iris's s sister Lily(Cat girl)(term25)color rough by Ikemura-Hiroichi Iris's s sister Lily(Cat girl)(term25)color rough :iconikemura-hiroichi:Ikemura-Hiroichi 98 13
Toyhouse adventure !! + some help please ?
UPDATE 11/08 : Need some help about OC profiles coding ;w; Actually I'd like to have a wikia-style profile for each of my fandoms OC... I found one for BokuAca but not for the other fandoms ;w;
Does anyone know where I can find them / have some tutorial / commission someone for a custom ?
Should I directly post a thread on the CSS-dedicated forum on TH ?
(sorry for all those questions... I'm still a newbie when it comes to TH and don't know a thing about it OTL)

Here's the fandoms I need wikia-style templates for OC :
- Haikyuu!!
- Free!
- Boku no Hero Academia
- Touken Ranbu
- Ao no Exorcist
- Idolmaster Side M
- HoneyWorks
- Gun Gale Online
- Mystic Messenger
- Kuroko no Basket
- Prince of Tennis
- Kuroshitsuji
I'd be really grateful if any of you could help me on this !! ;w; //sobs
Thanks in advance >//////<
Hiyaaaa ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
Summer is here and I'm
:iconemirukiway:EmiRukiway 4 29
[OPEN] Anime-style templates for OCs
Hello everyone !!
I decided to open commissions for anime-style templates for OCs since those are really funny to do !! ♥
Will do
- Any anime
- Original worlds (if you have a specific idea !)
- RP groups, open fandoms
Won't do
- Too complicated shapes
- Anything that will exceed my abilities
(I use Photoshop for a long time now, but there's still lots of stuff I don't know to do...)
- Fandoms I already made a template for UNLESS you have another idea for it
(you can see the templates I already posted here => )
Rules & Terms of service
- This will work on first-arrived, first-served basis. I will be opening a waiting list in case all slots are taken.
- I reserve the right to refuse any commission that I feel uncomfortable/not able to fulfill.
- I only accept payment upfront; otherwise I won't start working on your commission.
- I
:iconemirukiway:EmiRukiway 19 24
[CM] Yuminari Halfbody-Couple +BG by KamisAdopts [CM] Yuminari Halfbody-Couple +BG :iconkamisadopts:KamisAdopts 15 0 [HnI] TakeMayu by HikariYaehime [HnI] TakeMayu :iconhikariyaehime:HikariYaehime 38 14 Vers1 by Kiwuuu Vers1 :iconkiwuuu:Kiwuuu 7 0 Mystic Messenger by neko-niki Mystic Messenger :iconneko-niki:neko-niki 346 19 RFA Magazine Mockup - MC by myetie RFA Magazine Mockup - MC :iconmyetie:myetie 491 0 Chibi Pose Reference (Extended Chibi Base Set #40) by Nukababe Chibi Pose Reference (Extended Chibi Base Set #40) :iconnukababe:Nukababe 39 3




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9 more day's until university start's and all I did over the summer was post one drawing and added several pages of info for my Oc's. Man have I been MIA a lot and I am going to be even more MIA when Uni start's ;owo;.
HQ: Let's take a Selfi ( Matsukawa X Okuda )
Here is my new Haikyuu ship 0w0 Matsukawa X Okuda, I am so impatient when it comes to writing or drawing my OC profile that I  up posting my Oc paring rather than my OC, written profile or visual design OwO this is such a bad habit I have to get rid off ^^;.

But anyway here is my new Oc Okuda Tomiko, she was supposed to be a supporting character but my mind ended up being attached to her so you go ^^.

Also, try to guess what filter and app I used for those two ^w^.
Can anyone give me some outfit recommendations for my future Oc, I want a design that is something simple and cute but it is a little bit sophisticated  
I am done registering for classes so far all my professors have a 4.5 or above rating's ^^.
I think I might come back now that I have, inspiration to draw or write for now ^^

So here is a bit info about Kageyama and Kato relationship, mostly their history throughout middle school, waring there is a bit of a spoiler about Kato's family in it so read it at your own risk OWO;.

Kageyama and Kato have been best friends since the start of there junior high day's. Those two meet during the volleyball tournament when Oikawa was provoking Kato and scaring her by saying she would be eaten alive by the other's the moment she step's foot on the court.

Knowing it was her first tournament and she was feeling anxious she quickly ran away in fear towards her upperclassmen, Kageyama sawed what happen but was called in by Iwaizumi that the there match was about to start. During the match's break, Kageyama asked Iwaizumi who was the girl that Oikawa was picking on, Iwaizumi revealed that she was just an old friend he and Oikawa grew up with

After the matches were over Kageyama decided to get a drink from one of the vending machines was out of the drink he wanted and realized, Kato had taken the last milk container. Kato realized Kageyama expression's and offered her drink to Kageyama cause his facial expression seemed as if he really wanted the drink.

Kageyama refuse her offer saying, that she got there first and she should take it, Kato insisted on Kageyama taking the drink anyway's because she sawed him play really well on the court and he didn't look or acted like a setter that would tournament people like Oikawa. 

Kageyama was a taken by her word's and thanked her for the milk carton and asked if he could get a drink for her from the vending machines as a trade because he thought it was unfair he took her drink. Kato was about to reply to Kageyama only to be interpreted by Iwaizumi calling in Kageyama that the bus was leaving and congratulating on Kato at making it through her first tournament day since it was her first time participating in a tournament.

Ever since that day happened those two have became best friend's and started to hang out with each other, despite being from different school's. Those two were glad that neither of there school had to be rivals because Kato school didn't have a boy's team and Kageyama school didn't have a girl's team.

Those two would often casually hang out with each other and help each other out whether it was volleyball are school work. By the time there third-year approach Kato started to feel worried about Kageyama because his attitude had already destroyed his relationship with his teammates and she started to question herself maybe she should have told him what was going on by force rather than just trying to understand him and brush it off as if he was just having a bad day.

When asking him his sudden change, Kageyama only argued with her that it was nothing and that she should fouse on her skills because she seemed to be a bit weaker than him. All tho Kato admit that Kageyama was a better volleyball player her since he was a genius setter and she was just an ordinary setter who only gotten her skills of experience rather than talent.

When hearing that Kageyama got benched during the Junior High Athletics Meet, Kato got really concerned about him and confronted him about it face to face, Saying maybe he should apologize to his teammates that way they can put this ugly fight behind them.

Kageyama knew Kato was the only person who stayed beside him even after his sudden change yelled at her and said the most hurtful thing toward's her. Which was "Know I can see you why your father judge's you or despise you a bit", which was a metaphor for her that your the reason why your mom is dead.

Kato at first didn't believe what Kageyama said because she knew to talk about her mom was a sensitive issue for. but using it in a phrase like that caused her to get mad at him. Which resulted, her to slap Kageyama in the face and saying, "I thought you were my best friend...b-but maybe I should be blamed for my mom's death.....after a-all she did died while giving birth to me".

After that argument happened Kageyama began to hate himself, because not only did he got into a fight with his only best friend but he has lost her because oh his selfish anger, but he made her cry to the point where she told him that it would be best if they took a break from each other or never see each other again.
I am going to quit drawing anime for now, since I fell zero emotions while I am drawing. It's not that I hate anime but I feel like I have lost complete interest in drawing like there is no purpose for me to draw anymore. So I might end up being MIA for a while or I might quit who know's what will happen. But I just wanted to inform you guys earlier if you had any questions. 

This is Angel-Angel-1 signing off.
I apologize for not posting much for this past month ;0~0;, it's just that I have been pretty busy with my family that I didn't have time to be online. So I wanted to be honest with you instead of breaking promises that I will draw and be online. So please try to understand that I will try my best from now ^^.
Haikyuu OC: Yurika Tori ( Headshoot )
I deiced that I am going to be re-designing Yurika's appearance to make her look at least like her younger sister that way they can be identity as siblings :D, plus it's been a while I haven't drawn HQ OwO.

Younger Sister:…
Just received an internship email OwO and have a session interview on the 4th ^^. 
I can't believe someone actually bought my old Oc at first I was just gonna use her design for another fandom but today I got an unexpecting comment saying that they wanna buy her since no one has bought her yet, So me trying to desperately earn some points at least got some :D.

Anyway, I will no longer be using my oc Brazil anymore since she is sold and her design belongs to  :iconashleeyrose7:

Here are some of my OC examples ( Note: THIS  IS REALLY OLD ART SO THE STYLE MIGHT TURN YOU OFF A BIT )

Aph  Oc Brazil By Angel Angel 1-da8qiod by Angel-Angel-1  Traje De Lavradeira By Angel Angel 1-dafqzfu by Angel-Angel-1 Aph Brazil Oc By Angel Angel 1-dae75e1 by Angel-Angel-1

I might open some PC after my hiatus is over which will be I think in the summer cause that's when I am going to be done with exams ( That is if I Pass them the entrance exam is really rigorous so yeah..... wish me luck) 


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