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You broke our traditions, Lara!

Bad, bad treasure thief! Wink/Razz 

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she look sooo inset

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I love her ears!

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You always know Lara finds a way out of these situations. 
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This has to be the cutest Lara I've ever seen! :heart:
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would love to see you draw more lara!

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she looks adorable, great work :D
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She's doin her damnedest to cause their toga drapes to fail HARD!!! :D (Big Grin) 
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The first thing I see is Lara’s incredibly cute and innocent looking face. My eyes move down to her super sexy massive breasts. Then to her thic ass thighs. Looking outward and seeing two natives below the waist, I start to realize Lara’s fate will be something more salacious than death. By who knows!?!?
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when you are about to be sacrificed so that the sun comes back the next day, but you notice the high priest looks pretty cute
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for braking our most sacred laws you shall be sentenced to death!.... by snu snu!
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Why does the expression "Fate worse than Death" spring to mind ... :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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A sexy perilous situation. Lara looks more unsure than terrified. Tied up and about to face certain death....meh she’s seen this before many times x3
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So sexy, but I adore her stunningly cute face!
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