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At DV8 in Kent tomorrow and the Brighton Twisted Market on Sunday.  It's all go!  :)
------> PLEASE SUPPORT!  :)

I am having my head shaved on Wednesday 18th June to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

I would be very grateful if you would go to my Just Giving page and make a donation.  Thank you in advance!  :)…
Oooo look!  It's a Bank Holiday Monday!  But whilst the banks are busy having a holiday I shall be off to the studio and get busy doing a photo shoot.

Wonderful photo shoot this afternoon.  I am hoping I will get permission from the customer to share some of the Shibari ones.  :)
My "quickie" shoot turned into a 5 hour photo shoot yesterday! Time flies when you're having fun...:)
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Organising my second baby bump photo shoot in 2 weeks! (Don't do any for years and then two come along at once!)
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Despite being awake from 4am with a tickly cough and having what appears to be a very nasty bout of Man Flu* I am nobly dragging myself into the studio to do baby bump photos for a customer whose due date is in 5 days time.

The chances of one or other of us requiring medical assistance before the day is out seems reasonably high!  ;)

*I know I can't have proper Man Flu as I'm a woman!  :D
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I have butterflies. No, not the type you have in your tummy. This one is a Tortoiseshell and is fluttering around my studio. Yes, I know it's December. Tell the butterfly that! ;)
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Six hour photo shoot for two ladies this afternoon (one flying over from Hungary)! :)
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Half a hi-hat (bottom half if you need the detail!), black latex catsuit, towel and dead fluorescent tube on the back seat of the car. Oddest scene from Star Wars ever?! :D
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I've just delivered the photos to my "50 Shades" customers and they're talking about having a steampunk photo shoot in the New Year.  Delighted!  :)
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A couple who are new to the lifestyle are coming in to the studio for a photo shoot this afternoon. They found their way to me via Fifty Shades. The book ain't all that bad after all!  ;)
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A great Shibari photo shoot this afternoon. My patient customer was kind enough to just "let me get on with my stuff"!   :D
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An early start for me today as I am officiating at (and photographing) a Collaring ceremony at my dungeon today. Excited (and just a little bit nervous!). :)
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After a couple of days of convalescence I am looking forward to "getting back in the saddle" and doing another shoot for the "Homage to John Willie" series today. Two years in the making and we're nearly finished!  :)
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Very productive meeting this morning to discuss future workshops that may be held at the studio.  And a knotty collaboration! :)
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Prepping for a "1984" themed photo shoot for a customer this evening. Should be interesting!
My photo studio has a new music system!  Yayyy!  3 stack CD player, radio and iPod/mp3 player dock.

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Purchased pink stud earrings to wear to BAFTA on Saturday and when I mentioned to the lady behind the counter where I was going she said "OOoo you're off to see "Preaching to the Perverted"! I'm soooo jealous!".

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Dream Visions got a gorgeous new logo! Designed for me by the Art Director of a well known international fashion (not fetish!) magazine.