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[Harbingers]The Raining Heavens

By Ange-ll-os
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[on weasyl]

[ Falling Star Festival ]

gunhorse & HobbaGobwin I hope you like this your Hinnies were a lot of fun to draw!

Angelos chilling with Heathcliff and Harold enjoying the view and finding some star friends~
Harold is such a cute little bean sprout!! He seems like a sweet lil dude I'd love for our donks to be friends if you don't mind~ I kinda feel like I should've drawn him rounder and smaller oops XD
Heathcliff is a big doofus and I love him pffft... He'd be the sort Angelos just kinda rolls her eyes at but plays along and laughs when he shows off and pretends for his sake she doesn't notice the big ghibli tears when he screws up lol I think our doofy donks are already friends haha thank you again for including Angie in your lovely pic!!

I'm still in the 'how do I leg' phase w/ hoofy things laughs and cries I still need to practice a lot more >w> Oh well I got a lot of Hinnies I wanna draw in the future so I guess I got lots of material! I was really uuuuuuugggh about the grass but it turned out nicer and easier than I thought it'd be so... wooo

I have another pic in the works with my friend's Hinny but since he's still not approved/registered yet I couldn't finish it for the event so... more starry night scenes later~ And a little cameo from Bleu in it cuz... starry wish granting species belong together haha

Angelos + Art © :iconange-ll-os:~Angelos
© :icongunhorse:~gunhorse
© :iconhobbagobwin:~HobbaGobwin
Harbinger species :iconharkharbingers: © :iconyuristorm:~YuriStorm

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gunhorse's avatar
OOOOOH GOOOOSH what a trio of cuties!! I love how you drew all three hinnies they're so??? cute!?!?!?! I like how angelos and harold are just chillin' like normal children and then there's... heathcliff... kickin' his star buddy around like a football what a fiery a lil dipshit lol.

I love how glowing and adorbs everyone's eyes are!! and the subtle lil fur texture/shading is really nice. I think you're doing a great job with their leggus. AND I WANNA KISS?? ALL THEIR NOSES?????

thank you so much for including heathcliff in your art! it's super sweet of you and I am just. all for them hanging out more in the future. :,) I think they make pretty sweet friends!
Ange-ll-os's avatar
THANK!! omg honestly I couldn't draw them not cute even if I tried.. they're too adorable
LAUGHS REALLY HARD yea Angelos and Harold are just chilling and then Heathcliff's just.... I originally wanted to just make him reaching out to touch the star but then I accidentally made it look like he was kicking it X"D It fits though pffft

I remember reading their eyes have a glow around them so I figured nighttime scenes were the perfect time to apply that [cuz man it was weird/hard to try to draw it on the registration pic] EVERYONE LOVES THE NOSES I'M CRYING THE WHOLE TIME I WAS LIKE AM I DRAWING THEM TOO BIG HOW DO I COW NOSE I'M GLAD YOU LIKE EM!!!

No problem at all it was really interesting trying to fit him into the scene/BG haha he kept standing out with that bright red but I think I managed to tone it down enough to not make him look like he was stuck in there like a sticker! One day I'm definitely gonna have to draw those big ghibli tears like.. I just gotta.......
HobbaGobwin's avatar
Aaaa, look at this great piece of art!!  Thank you so much for including Harold in this.  He looks so cute (that nose is absolutely adorable)!  I'd love for Harold and Angie to be friends!  I'll be sure to include her in some artwork of my own as soon as I get the chance.  ^^
Ange-ll-os's avatar
You're very welcome aaaaaa
Harold's super cute there is no way for him to not look cute haha  I just love to draw those big noses... I wanna boop them.....
aww yea smol beansprout friend