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Happy new year everyone!

I generally don't take any new year resolution but this year I want to make an exception.
I feel it is high time I actively work toward my dreams. I want to spend more time drawing, painting and creating altogether.
I always felt like I needed art in my life to feel complete but I also always delayed the moment when I would create. I felt paralysed by the idea of creating anything that would not be good enough. But at some point you have to accept that creating pieces you are not satisfied with is part of the journey to improvement.
So my resolution for this year and my wish for all of you is to find the strength to overcome fear, procrastination and any artist's block. Let's all move forward and learn and create more together !

After lending a hand for some photo shoots I was really eager to try my hand at photography.
I was already doing make up, clothes and accessories selection, photo retouching... all that was left was to take the pictures myself.

Since I have the greatest friends in the world one of them nicely lent me his equipment, and here we go !
I already did 5 photo shoots in 3 weeks and I have another one planned tomorrow. Since I don't know when I will have to give the camera back, shooting as much as I can is my top priority right now. I still want to draw or do nail art but I have already dozen of pictures to retouch so this will have to wait a little more.

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Hi guys! Thank you for all the likes and watch following my features in the Daily Deviations. It is really appreciated! :) (Smile)
I have also noticed that some people have added my bases to their collection. If you create a doll on them please let me know. I would love to see it!

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I am having a hard time updating my Deviant Art account (I always forget that I have one).

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I had this empty deviant art account for like 5 years, and I thought maybe I could do something whith it.
So here we go.
I'm not the talkative type so don't expect  to read my life here.
Also, I have the bad habit of starting a lot of projects at the same time... so they take me quite some time to finish and I probably won't be able to update very often.
But I'll try.