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Current Residence: Texas, USA
Favorite genre of music: Alternative Rock & Metal
Favorite style of art: Fantasy
Operating System: Windows 10
Discord! Things are a little barren right now, but will be adding more soon!
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Messed up my latest animation, need to re-render. Will post it once I've had the chance. Sorry :(
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Thanks for the llama badge! 😊

Thanks for the Llama badge, I don’t know how good of a badge it actually is, or really what they do, apart from being nice, but thanks nonetheless. Don’t know if what I just said is a backhanded compliment.

I will ask one question, do you ever get inspired to draw or do art, not when you see a masterpiece, but when you look at something about your or just above your level?

Generally, that’s how I get inspired, looking for things that are far more achievable and approachable, which makes me say ”I could do that, I could achieve that”. And, as you keep doing that, your skill gradually grows and what’s considered on par to you grows higher.

Instead of looking at masterpieces, which is far more indomitable to me, and actually discourages me in a way.

I think its just one of the last few traditions from old DeviantArt that remain. And I'm not sure if the Llamas were really meant to be anything other than a friendly interaction. You can only get one from each person you meet after all.

I feel like everything is above my level, and its easy to get discouraged. But there is amazing creativity out there, and I'm glad this is still a decent place where people can share it. A lot of artists took to Twitter after DeviantArt's eclipse, and its such a toxic and vile platform.

Seeing art really makes me wish I could do more, but I never did more beyond simple sketches. Nothing worth sharing really, but its still something I can look back at and say, maybe this will inspire someone I commission to do better than I tried.

In the last few years I've only just begun delving into animation, using Wallpaper Engine which I feel is a nice starting place, but not very much room to grow with. I can improve sure, but will I one day use Blender or something else? I can't say for sure, but hopefully one day I'll find the time, and the right tutorial to get me started.

I consider myself the Illusionist. I can't do the magic myself, but I can perhaps enhance some works with subtle movements and simple effects in these animations. But the artists I am happy to have had the opportunity to commission, or who have commissioned me to work on their pieces, are the real wizards.

Thanks, another way I stay ’inspired’, though, it’s not really being inspired, is to not take my art or works in progress that seriously. This isn’t a masterpiece, I’m not even that good, I recognise that it’s not perfect and sort of just continue regardless.

Like, If I were to test out new poses or faces, something that I have found surprisingly helps me a lot, is self depreciating comments. I know that sounds bad, but I’ll give my own little twisted logic. So I’ll write ‘female bodies and poses’ and then put, ‘(this is going to be horrific)’. Next to it, all as a sort of title, and even add little labels next to poses, like ‘axe lady thing’.

And it surprisingly helps me just getting on with it, basically saying ‘yeah, this is bad right now, but it’s literally just experimenting and sketching, so stop taking it so seriously and just do it’. These little bits of self aware text, surprisingly helped me just keep drawing, and getting several poses done, much far then I would if I were taking it seriously. “Hey, that leg looks a bit weird“, better then nothing, “Hey, I’m not sure about the way the sole and foot bends” better then I thought it would be.

That’s generally sort of the ticket for me personally, don’t take yourself too seriously and be self aware, don’t fret about that not looking juuuuust right. Just do it, even if it isn’t perfect, and eventually you’ll see results. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that.


thanks a bunch for the fav, I do really appreciate it.

Have a nice day.

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