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Anarkitty  by anergon Anarkitty :iconanergon:anergon 4 0
Silver chapter 10
Chapter 10 “Past Regret” (special back-story chapter)
Hi I know I usually put this at the end of a chapter but it's the tenth chapter so what the heck since this is an important chapter I will  write it in (drum-roll) First Person and depending on how it goes I might implement it more into the story or even do a re-write but this is a bit of an experiment it could go either way so I might go back to third person limited and I know I always say this but on this chapter I really do need a bit more feedback I may write some spin-offs in the future but that depends on several things and now without further adieu I present chapter 10
Akito's POV (1st person)
I was out of excuses now I would have to tell Azami what had happened “Are you sure you really want to know”I asked “Yes”she answered “It's nowhere near being happy are you still sure?”i asked again hoping she wouldn't say “I'm sure”that was it there was nothing else I cou
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Silver chapter 9
Chapter 9 “Jubilife?”
Akito's POV
The next day they woke up around 10 A.M. and started looking to see if anyone was coming and after about a half hour they saw a Fletchinder start to circle before landing in  front of them “Hey Jiyu how have you been”Raiden said as he ran towards him “Same as always I see you're doing well”he replied “they told me to pick up a message”he asked “Oh here it is”Raiden said as he handed it to him “Okay see ya”he  said as he flew off “What now?” asked Kajiya “they should respond soon I said that you were trustworthy so”he shrugged  “I guess we should leave now if we want to reach Jubilife by today”Akito said “You're right”Setsuko said a bit disappointed Akito understood it wasn't everyday you find someone who's so nice not anymore but they've already lost several years and it will take determination to reach their goal he lo
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Silver chapter 8
Silver Chapter 8 “Steel and fire”
FNK base 
Third person POV
    An Umbreon with red rings is standing in a room when a Sneasel walks in "So you were the only survivor of the Hearthome base" the Umbreon says "Yes sir" the Sneasel replied nervously "Why was it destroyed?" he asked "They attacked without warning and we we're overrun before we could organize sir" the Sneasel answered nervously "Well i suppose that's a good explanation" the Umbreon replied walking towards the Sneasel just as he lets out a sigh of relief  the Umbreon jumps and slices his throat he walks out into the hall "you"he says pointing a Machoke "yes you clean up the mess in there I need to go wash up" he then walks down the hall "Oh Takehiko can you see what you can find out about a shiny Umbreon with silver eyes" "And yes there will be a good payment for this"he says as he passes a Vulpix  "How good?" the Vulpix asks "he whispers something into his ear which makes the Vulpix's e
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Silver chapter 7
Silver Chapter 7 “Lament”
Akito's POV
Akito woke up in a strange room it was actually a tent that had been set up as a makeshift hospital by the SLA “Akito you're up”he heard the voice was... Azami's “What happened”he asked his voice sounded a bit scratchy as if he hadn't used it in a while “You  don't remember?”she asked “We were fighting the enemy commander when...”she trailed off “I remember now Raiden. Is he okay!?”he said starting to get up but before he could she stopped him “Raiden's fine”she said trying to calm him “It's strange I can't remember anything after that”he said “You really can't remember?”she said sounding puzzled but there was something else in her voice was that...fear? “Do you really want to know?”she asked “Why does she sound like she's afraid of me?”he thought “After Raiden got hit what's the last thing you can remember&
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Silver chapter 6
Silver Chapter 6 “Operation Gridlock”
Akito woke up when he was hit by a Thunder Shock attack “Oww what was that for”he asked “Stop complaining it's almost dawn we need to get ready here put this on”said Azami as she threw the WCH at him it fit a bit awkwardly because of his ear shape but he managed to get it on they met the others at the pick up point he then noticed that Azami was wearing a bag “where did you get that”he asked her “the SLA gave it to me they said that I was going to be the squad's medic”said answered as they got onto the Swellow they left before dawn and quickly climbed above the clouds through small gaps in the cloud cover he saw the assortment of Flame Bursts, Metal Bursts, and Seed Bombs shot at the building “we're going in”he heard the Swellow say as they went into a steep dive moments before the bombardment stopped and used hidden power on the ceiling making a hole big enough for them to ent
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Silver chapter 1 part 1
Disclaimer I do not own Pokemon if I did ash wouldn't still exist there I did the disclaimer thats the only time in this story i will
Chapter 1 "Messenger of hope"
Name: Satoru Yasui
Species: Eevee
Gender: Male
Age: 11 (human) years old
Personality: INFP-Idealist
Height: 10 inches
Weight: 13.4 pounds
Satoru was completely lost. It was getting dark out and he knew that he would need to find shelter soon or he would most likely die from the bright silver eyes seemed to glow in the darkness. He had gone into the forest to find some privacy but soon was lost in the seemingly endless trees. He continued wandering aimlessly and soon saw a Pidgeotto above and ran but then the Pidgeotto dived and he felt himself being lifted up. Then saw the ground getting more and more distant he tried struggling but the talons held. He desperately he bit down hard on one of the bird's legs "(success!)" or so he thought but he felt the weightlessness of fall
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Silver chapter 5
Silver Chapter 5 “Hearthome”
Akito's POV
They had finally arrived at what was formerly Hearthome city and it was eerily quiet they padded forward cautiously Akito could've sworn he saw something  watching them from the shadows they kept walking through the ruins when they were assaulted by something suddenly ran straight at him but right before it hit him it stopped used flash right in his face blinding him “That speed and this insufferable sense of humor meant it can only be”Akito realized “Goddammit Raiden” Akito shouted as he tried to recover from the attack “Aww come on lighten up Akito what about you Azami you appreciate a good prank don't you”he said “You're just lucky I can't see you Raiden”
“well what about him. Wait is he your..” he said giving Akito a strong nosebleed(Soul Eater style). by this time they were starting to regain their sight “Well with that mindset I see you haven't changed at al
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Silver chapter 4
Silver Chapter 4 “Fortune favors the bold”
The next morning Satoru woke up and saw that Akito was still sleeping “Hey, Akito wake up” he said while prodding him with a paw “Huh. Oh good morning Satoru” he said yawning “We should move,or we might not have enough time to get into position” “Hey Akito I think we should divide the supplies in case we get separated” Satoru said while the Umbreon stretched “You're right we should but first let's have breakfast” replied Akito as they ate jerky Akito sorted the supplies into their bags after they finished Akito said “When you get to your hiding spot stash your bag somewhere so it won't slow you down during the fight” “And one last thing”he said as Satoru started to walk towards his hiding spot “Don't attack until I have them cut off in front and when you do attack don't hesitate but after you shoot even if you miss run as soon as your done att
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Silver Chapter 3
Silver Chapter 3 “Emissary of war”
Akito's POV
The next day Akito and Satoru walked towards town “So where's the fruit stand?”asked Akito “it's by  
the Bakery I'll show you” replied Satoru keeping his happy demeanor “Okay then”said Akito then as they went into the village they heard someone say “Hey it looks like the nerd's back” said another Eevee with spikes in his hair “Is that supposed to be an Umbreon I've seen hairballs bigger than that”he said as a Tepig and a Chimchar joined him “So these are Satoru's bullies” thought Akito “I bet I could beat you both with” “Well then come at me”replied Akito “what”the bully replied shocked “well I couldn't fight a” “Whats wrong is the little Eevee scared” sneered Akito that made the bully furious and he lunged at Akito with a tackle attack Akito didn't even have to dodge the weak attack he used
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Silver Chapter 2
Silver Chapter 2 “Returning home”
Akito's POV
The next day they woke up at around 9:00 judging by the suns position “Nnghh” Akito grunted as he stretched but despite his dark typing he wasn't bothered by the bright sunlight“hey you're finally awake” said Satoru cheerfully “So Satoru which way do you live?”asked Akito “Umm I think it was that way”replied Satoru gesturing northwest“Well, lets eat and then well go” said Akito as he picked whatever berries were left on the bush. It was a small meal but it was better than what they had given them while they were in captivity. After finishing they got up and started heading Southwest deeper into the forest “So, what's your family like” inquired Akito “Well there's my Mom who's a Glaceon and there's my dad who's a Leafeon”he answered “Do you have any brothers or sisters?”asked Akito “Nope” replied Satoru cheerful as always &
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Silver Chapter 1 part 2
Silver Chapter 1 part 2 “prison break”
part 2-Akito
Name: Akito Nakamura
Species: Umbreon
Gender: Male
Age: 15 (human) years old
Personality: INTP-Thinker
Height: 2,04
Weight: 55.7 pounds
Akito was miserable he would've continued his introverted sulking when he heard that idiot Sneasel again “Hey rings you've got a new roommate why don't you two get to know each other” he was about shout his retort to the guard when he heard a yip from the newcomer he turned the face him and saw that he curled himself into a ball ant that he had two shallow gashes along with several other minor injuries he prodded his side with a paw and the Eevee winced and let out a small vee“(he must have injured a rib)” he thought to himself “Hey kid are you alright?” the Eevee turned towards him and gasped “(Oh yeah, I forgot)”Akito thought to himself as the kid looked at him eyes wide “well since you're  not answering I'll take that as a yes
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