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New World Chapter XXXIX: Damsel in Distress :iconanenemyspy:AnEnemySpy 0 0
Dust and Maddie by AnEnemySpy Dust and Maddie :iconanenemyspy:AnEnemySpy 0 0
Mature content
New World Chapter XXXVIII: What the Dog Saw :iconanenemyspy:AnEnemySpy 1 0
Mature content
New World Chapter XXXVII: A Rescue of Sorts :iconanenemyspy:AnEnemySpy 1 0
Mature content
New World Chapter XXXVI: Paramour :iconanenemyspy:AnEnemySpy 1 0
New World Chapter XXXV: Rutland
Dust rounded the corner, grabbing the brick wall with his hand so he could make the turn without losing speed. His feet flew over the cobblestones so fast that they barely even touched down. He sprinted down the street, dodging the people in his way. Three young men followed close behind, carrying blackjacks and yelling threats.
Dust ducked into an alleyway and scrambled up a wooden fence. Standing on top of it, he grabbed the roof of the two story building and hauled himself up.
All he had to do was wait for them to run past and then he could-
"He's up there!"
Dust cursed his rotten luck and looked for a way to go. The streets in this part of the city were narrow, and the buildings were built very close together. A brave person could leap from one building to the next with a running start. Dust jumped and landed on the next building over, tripped, stumbled, and fell.
The gangsters were following behind, two of them following up the way he came, and one climbing a ladder on the buildin
:iconanenemyspy:AnEnemySpy 1 0
New World Chapter XXXIV: Dr. Cyrus
On Espa's ninth birthday, she met her father for only the second time in her life.
The children were on their weekly trip to the outside world, which Espa's birthday had fortuitously landed on. Since it was her special day, she got to choose where they went, and her choice was the beach.
The kids splashed in the water and held contests to see who could throw a stone the farthest. Espa could never throw as well as the others. They were all taller and stronger and more athletic than she was, easily able to beat her in races and games of strength. Espa was always on the outside of the group, accepted by them but never actually one of them.
She made a sandcastle while the other kids played in the water. She was good at making sand sculptures. This one had five towers and an outer wall. She scooped out some sand from the tall middle tower and made a crude balcony. That's where she would live, she imagined. A princess in a castle where she would live with Red. She looked up at him.
He splash
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New World Chapter XXXIII: Flight
Dust woke to the smell of bacon.
He opened his eyes, pushed Totodile's sleeping form off his belly and rolled off the bed. Putting on his shirt, Dust walked out of the room. The corridor stretched in both directions. Dust had no idea how big this place was, or how it had been carved into the mountain. Maybe the entire mountain was filled by secret passages and rooms that Anuq lived in. He certainly wasn't just a simple hunter; that much was obvious.
Dust let his nostrils lead him down the passageway. It opened into a small kitchen where Anuq cooked a pan over a fire pit.
"Finally up?" Anuq said.
"What time is it?" Dust asked.
"Haven't a clue. Clocks don't have much use in a place like this. I can tell you that it's late morning. I made you some bacon."
"Aren't you supposed to be a hunter?"
"I am. That doesn't mean I can't enjoy the finer things though. I make a trip for supplies into town every once in a while. I thought today was a special occasion." He dumped the bacon onto a plate.
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New World Chapter XXXII: The Ice Gym
Anuq pulled a strip of meat off the roasting carcass and handed it to Dust, who happily ate it.
"So what are you, some kind of mountain hermit?" Dust said.
"Something like that. I come from farther north, up by the ice fields and the sea." Anuq said.
The night had already passed, and now the first rays of sunlight were coming over the mountaintops. Dust had collapsed into sleep as soon as they arrived at Anuq's cave.
"So now you live in this cave?"
"Of course not. I run a gym, remember? This is just a place of shelter. Now get up. It is time to search for your missing insect."
Dust unwrapped himself from the fur coverings he had been given and began to put on his shoes. "Do you think that Beartic is still out there?"
"It's unlikely to bother us. It was merely defending its cave. You were the instigator of that conflict, not it."
Dust shivered as his body became exposed to the chilly air. He hurriedly put on his coat. He walked out of the mouth of the cave to find somewhere to relieve h
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New World Chapter XXXI: Fitting In
Espa and Red weren't the only kids at the facility. He led her into the brightly colored common room where other children lounged. There was Blue and Green and Silver and Ruby, and other kids whose names seemed to have come from a crayon box.
"What kind of a name is Blue?" Espa asked.
"What kind of a name is Espa?" He said back, and continued to watch the television.
A girl Red's age came up to Espa. She was the tallest kid in the room and she towered over her. "Is this your girlfriend, Red?"
"No." Red said indignantly.
The girl looked at Espa's puffy eyes. "You been crying, new kid? You a sissy?"
"Leave her alone, Leaf!" Red shouted.
"You're not the first outside kid to get brought in here." Leaf said. "I bet you don't last long. None of them did." She stalked off.
"Don't worry about her. She just doesn't like new kids."
"What did she mean, I won't last long?" Espa asked.
"Sometimes they put another kid in here with us." Red said, "But they always leave after a while."
"Nobody knows w
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New World Chapter XXX: Good Luck, Bad Luck
Dust warmed his hands over the makeshift fire he'd created and stared out of the cave. Or at least he tried to stare out but the flurry of snow outside made visibility impossible. It had been a miserable day, even by his standards.
The long trek up the mountainside had been treacherous, difficult, and cold. Dust had been lucky to find a cave that didn't have any dangerous animals in it and had decided to spend the night there. While he wasn't freezing to death at the moment, he was still faced with the problem of not knowing where to find the Ice Gym.
This place was a snow blown death trap, and Dust had willingly walked into it.
The fire helped with the cold, but things were still pretty chilly more than a few feet from the flame. Dust huddled in his coat and tried to fall asleep.
A loud rumble woke him up. Dust opened his eyes. The fire was still alive, so it couldn't have been too long. He looked up and saw where the noise had come from. A veritable wall of white fur blocked the mout
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Chapter XXIX
The tavern was a crowded one. People sought refuge away from the cold here, and it teemed with a crowd of people. In the middle was a fire pit like one of the mead halls of olden days, and in its flickering light the haggard people sat and drank and laughed and played darts.
Dust pushed through the doors. He looked like a snowman, with ice forming on his face where his breath had frozen. His hair had snow in it and the beard that had begun to grow on his face in his weeks of travel was encrusted with flakes of ice. His cheeks glowed bright red.
He went to the bar and slid a few coins across it.
"Give me something hot to drink. I don't care what."
People were staring at him. In a town this small, newcomers stood out. He ignored them. The bartender gave him a mug of cocoa.
"I didn't think people drank hot chocolate in bars." Dust said.
"They do around these parts." The barkeep replied. "Gotta keep warm up here."
"I bet."
Dust put his numb hands around the wonderfully warm cup, savoring i
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New World Chapter XXVIII: Funeral
The water tasted like it had been collected from a dirty puddle, but sometimes that was the best you could do. Dust guzzled it down and wet his hands. He wiped some of the dirt off of his face.
"Alright, let's see what we've got." He rummaged through the small bag he'd brought with him and proffered its contents to Totodile. "Stale bread, a couple of carrots. That's mine. A slab of suspicious looking meat. That's yours." He took the meat and tossed it to Totodile, who snapped it out of the air.
"We're living like kings, Totodile." He took a bite off one of the carrots and poured some water into the croc's mouth.
Dust leaned back and rested his head on a burlap sack. The whole floor vibrated, but that didn't bother him anymore. He watched the world blur by in front of him. Totodile dragged the smelly meat to him and swallowed it.
"You're disgusting, you know that?"
The croc lay down next to him.
Dust had been moving around the place for a couple of months now. Ludlow wasn't a kind place
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New World Chapter XXVII: The Lake
The climb was long and treacherous, but he made his way up the mountainside nonetheless. This was a new part of the world, and things were so different here. It was hot for one. Where he was from, tall mountains had snow on their peaks, but here it was as dusty and dry as the desert below.
He camped in the flat areas he could find, and looked up at the sky, at stars he had never seen before. Then in the morning he would get up and continue, barely eating, only sleeping when he could not go any longer without collapsing.
And on he went, spurred on by the thoughts in his head.
Things were so murky now. Ever since he found that creature, that Mewtwo.
It had been wonderful at first. He'd battled challenger after challenger, crushing their pathetic Pokémon with ease. It was fun and easy, and he reveled in his power. Mewtwo had only grown in power as well. Its form, once skeletal and thin, now had flesh on it so you could hardly see the bones. It followed his commands, and nothing could
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New World Chapter XXVI: Dead of Night
Dust sat outside the door in complete silence. He stared at the floor with his head in his hands, waiting for the door to open. He didn't know what the news was going to be, and he dreaded it. Whatever happened, he knew this was all because of him.
Finally, the door opened and Doctor Trotsky came out.
"Yes. At least for now." Trotsky said solemnly. "But I don't know if that will last. If you hadn't teleported into my house, she would be dead now. Come in."
Dust followed him into the room. Amelia lay unconscious on the table.
"Look at her, Dust."
Amelia had never been big, but she'd always had that kind of strong personality that made her seem to tower over you. Now she just looked small and fragile and helpless.
"She's too young to die, Dust." Trotsky said. "Only eighteen years old. A girl like her, she's supposed to live long and happy, bear children and die at a tender old age surrounded by family. So you had better have a damn good explanation for why she's lying on my table in the
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Mature content
New World Chapter XXV: Maddie's Lost Days :iconanenemyspy:AnEnemySpy 0 0

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