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Megatron's Mercy

"L-Lord Megatron?" Starscream's voice was a thin, disbelieving croak, unsure if he was really there. The warlord gazed down at him, his expression hard and disapproving, the red light of his optics burning through the storm. And yet, there was a rare gleam of pity there, too. Perhaps even a measure of concern.

Reaching down, Megatron seized Starscream by the arms and hoisted the smaller mech to his feet. Starscream let out a strangled cry of pain, knees buckling and threatening to send him sprawling back into the snow, but Megatron's powerful hands suddenly lifted him up, guiding the Seeker's long legs to either side of his waist. Whimpering and sobbing, Starscream instinctively threw his arms around the warlord's neck. He was shaking violently now, his shivers going from little spasms to full-blown convulsions.

Megatron's big hand suddenly moved from Starscream's wrist to his lower back, holding the Seeker flush against his chassis. Starscream's fingers scraped along Megatron's back, leaving tiny silver scratches before finally settling. The heat of Megatron's armor felt like furnace against the Seeker's frozen mesh, the warlord's crushing, unfamiliar closeness filling him with an overwhelming and nearly hysterical sense of relief.

.Crystal Divider. by Glaed

I was dying to do a picture of Megatron in the role of savior, partially to show off the obvious size/strength difference between him and Starscream, because I really like how Starscream Prime finally appears as being smaller and physically weaker than Megatron. The elegant, sneaky design suits his personality better than any of the old ones, IMO. And just so ya know, this is not meant to be slash. Megatron is being protective, like he's carrying a child, so regardless of where Starscream's legs are, get your minds out of the gutter, people.

Oh, and Megatron's legs were giving me hell, so just pretend he's up to his knees in the snow or something. ;P

EDIT 3/2/2013: Updated the overall texture and composition, and Megatron now has legs below the knee. Woot, woot! Sunpelt45 also wrote a truly AMAZING one-shot to go with the picture! Megatron commands you to read it!…

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At least Megatron cares about Starscream despite his tyrant personality.
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always help someone in need. am i right?
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So I say where is my army of brawlers!

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just a request but can you do my oc ShiverTooth? like down below. can you do him x optimus? Shivertooth is shy and has sensitive wings just a quick tip. Idk if you are doing requests. Im pretty sure you would do a better job than I can

Optimus x shivertooth first occurence
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Aww. Shivertooth looks so cute. <3

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I would love to know how Starscream ended up in this cold isolation. And thank for it to not be slash. Overall, I love the composition. I am pretty sure after this, when recovered, Starscream will flick his wings nervously and avoid Megatron for weeks... embarrassed at being seen so weak.
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Pretty much, LOL. If you want to find out how he ended up in this predicament, read the accompanying mini-fic the lovely Sunpelt45 wrote for me! Check the very bottom of the author's notes. ;)

Glad you liked the picture!

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That was quite nice.
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Yesssh!!!! Finally found this masterpiece :love: I saw this pic in youtube and now finally found it here:la:
I love the amazing artwork you put in to it.
The coloring, the background, the snow, Megatron and Starscream and the short story, they all look and sound perfect :love:
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Aww, thank you so much! Hearing all that made my day! :heart: :love: :heart:
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Your welcome^__^
I really like the realistic feeling in this pic :nod:
And it's funny how Megatron sinks a bit in the snow XD He is big and heavy after all=D
Don't tell him I said that OwO;;;;;;
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XD only if that was true
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This is too adorable, I'm gonna join the Allspark!
That was me, joining the Allspark.
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BY PRIMUS I'M DYING!!! It's FAR TOO CUTE!!! I knew that Megatron had a soft spot. YOU DID NOT HEAR THAT FROM ME!!! I am not worthy to wield a pencil, my art skills have been put to shame...
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LOL, you're not alone! There are plenty of people on this site that put my skills to shame, too. Anyway, glad you liked the the picture. Merry Christmas! ^_^
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Merry Christmas to you as well!
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By the Allspark this is so cute!
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This ... is so awesome! You have no idea how much I fangirled when I saw this!
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