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A simple and small sized set of cursors that were specially designed for personal use. After one week living with it I have to say that I find it very friendly and usable not to share it with others. Three animated cursors included.
Works with any version of Windows. To install first unzip the zip file. Right click the UNDERsized.inf file and select install. Choose the new Undersized preset. 
Feel free to play with the set and tell me your thoughts.
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GREAT looking cursors. thanks

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This works so great but can you make a red version if you can?

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Currently using this cursor set with Windows 10, works perfectly thank you.
how do i download? there is no link in here
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Search for the .zip download at the right of the page
I ned help i dowloaded the file right vlviked the undersized.inf installed it
i just dont know how to :Choose the new undersized prest
how to install
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Thanks, it's awesome :)
how do i download this ??? i don't find a download button
top right bud
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Great! I added your project the my Pack:…
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Fits nicely into Shiki (XP [link]), Ambient (XP, Vista [link]) or any other Tango Theme
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This is just the type of cursor scheme I'd been looking for...Thanks for the work!!
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These are awesome but for me the link select one ruins it. If it didn't had that forward motion it would have been great.
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If you use a cursor edit like RealWorld, you can actually adjust its hotspot.
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By the way guys if anyone else doesn't like the original link cursor I made one for myself that doesn't have the forward motion, it just starts "shining" when you hover a link.
I hope this is cool with you anemovatis.
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Sorry but I no longer have it. You could try using the green version of anemovati's undersized which is on my page, that one has the static link select as well.
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This is an amazing little piece of work. I DL'd immediately, then changed my theme to work with it. BTW, I made my own custom picture for the BG--used only free tools. I need to upload that now...
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small? like this , blue color is my favorite!
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