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Hello there. This is where I dump all my arts.

I upload works in batch.

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INDEX Beaste Starglaze Lion Dragon Silver Dragon Abyssal Dragon Elran Enlyn Tuah Ruah Hunr Morah Yaonar Dia Jellyfish Deepsea Shark ___________________________________________________________________________ Beaste The half beast race with animal like features on their body, this includes animal ears, tails, fangs or claws. They don't have pure humanoid form nor pure animal look. Scholars has been making speculations about their origins and the hypothesis agreed by most is that they are the hybrids of the Werebeast race from Nine days war era, with one of the parents being human. Starglaze Lion A hybrid new race (mix blood of Human and extinct race "Flame Lion" ) appears in the Ensdiar after the Nine Days War. Just like their ancestor, they are good at using fire element. Golden star chain around the tail and gleaming fur of the ears are their significant features, and it's illuminated in the night. The brighter the light, the younger the Starglaze Lion. Usually it is
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Log: 15/07/2020 Added Rosa map. 15/07/2020 Filled the brief world setting. 14/07/2020 Document created. ___________________________________________________________________________ INDEX Background and the world Polytheism Races History and timeline ___________________________________________________________________________ Background and the world This world is called "Ensdiar". It is named after the Goddess Ensdiar who saved the entire world from war and madness during ancient time. The main land is consisted of 5 regions and it is surrounded by several small islands. The biggest land is located at the central of the ocean, and commonly known as "The middle world". On top of that, there are 2 other large domains located above and below the main land - "The upper world" and "The underworld". The names of the 7 regions are: Location Name Meaning behind the name Central Twilightania
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you such gorgeous art! keep it up!

Thank you for the kind word! (and the llama too xD)

Welcome to @YourLoveForArt! I hope you're enjoying our group. :dummy:

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send us a Note or leave us a profile comment. :thumbsup:

Wishing you a happy and creative week! :wave: :rose:

Hiii! Thank you very much! :D

And you too have a nice week

Thank you very much! :wave: :heart:

Super and cute gallery. :D

Thank you very much :>